How to Harness Healing Energy for Holistic Recovery


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When you enter recovery, you are stating to the people around you, the world, yourself and the Universe that you no longer wish to be active in your addiction. You are ready for a change. With that change, you accept the responsibility – the work on self and holistic shift – that accompanies it.

In other words, you’re ready to do your part. This requires more than simply checking into a treatment facility and attending meetings. In fact, to ensure a successful recovery and evolve from the state of active addiction you have known, you must address the holistic effects and need for balance and healing. You also need to focus on clearing your external and internal spaces to align with your recovery journey.

With recovery, you have the opportunity to improve yourself by harnessing positive energy.

Space Around and Within

Your space – that which is within you and around you – is sacred. That is why you must begin to honor and respect it in that way. Entering into recovery is certainly a step in that direction, as you are beginning to respect and honor your physical body and mind.

However, if you have been active in addiction and merely move your physical body into a temporary space of recovery, but then return to your home – likely filled with energy tied to active addiction – you are again exposed. The same is said for your spiritual body which has been blocked by toxins and traumatic experiences.

Energy Work

Regardless of whether you are sensitive to it or not, negative energy of any kind will be detrimental to anyone in varying degrees, especially if it is suppressed within you. That’s where energy work comes in.

We are all made up of energy, and we experience different forms of energy daily. If you are an empath (someone who is very sensitive to energy), you pick up on the energy of others and are typically negatively affected, especially if you are unaware of this phenomenon.

Reiki (the harnessing of light energy to heal the body, mind, and spirit), crystal healing (the use of crystals and the energy associated with each to heal the body, mind, and spirit), Chakra clearing, etc. are all possible modalities for clearing an internal space of negative or stagnant energy to align with recovery. These processes work to balance the body, mind, and spirit while surfacing issues and energy that need to be addressed and released.

Space Clearing

Space clearing is another way to remove negative and stagnant energy (as well as any energy tied to active addiction) from the space around you.

Smudging (lighting sage and/or incense for the purposes of clearing negative and stagnant energy) is the simplest way to clear a space. And, for those who wish it to be, the process can be quite ceremonial. In other words, it’s a perfect way to begin a new journey of healing, recovery, and self-discovery.

Gridding (placing crystals in each of the four directions) your home with crystals is another way to keep a space free of negative energy. However, smudging is typically included in this process as well.

Regardless of how you choose to clear your sacred space – within and around you – be sure to do so with a newfound respect for your holistic self, the evolutionary journey of recovery you have chosen and an understanding of just how precious you are. You deserve to feel peace within and around you at all times; emotionally, physically and spiritually safe within your sacred space.

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