Dr. Drew and Mike Catherwood

Dr. Drew and Mike Catherwood's Live Podcast Performance at the Ice House Comedy Club


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Dr. Drew and Mike Catherwood

There’s an excited buzz in the air as everyone makes their way to their seats at the Ice House Comedy Club in Pasadena on a Thursday night. Though it’s only been about five months since Loveline rang in its last episode, the camaraderie and anticipation in the room feels like that of a 10-year reunion.

Tonight, Mike Catherwood is the popular jock who never grew out of his high school humor after graduation. With his prom king good looks and crowd-pleasing personality, he goes onstage and follows up on the host’s remarks about penises on television with a retelling of his own personal frustration. Though he was the first contestant voted off of the 12th season of Dancing With the Stars, Mike seems more riled up about the amount of fabric that was used to cover his entire member in a leotard number. He spazzes out, “I show up to the day of the show—I’m not fucking kidding you—it’s like an eyepatch!” The crowd bursts into laughter, probably not much differently than they did when he was spewing jokes around San Marino High School as a senior.

While the two hosts are no longer picking up the phones for Loveline, viewers can still get a dose of their everyday ramblings and insights on KABC’S Dr. Drew Midday Live with Mike Catherwood.

Next to Mike on the same stage is Dr. Drew, the kid who, well, ended up growing up to be a doctor. He’s the example success story, and as Mike is making a loveable buffoon out of himself, Dr. Drew respectably stands by and seems to take an endearing stance on the filthy humor—almost like an uncle would towards his rascal of a nephew. He’s teacherly, quiet and comforting, and probably has a “Voted Best Listener” award somewhere put away in storage.

While catching up with these guys after they’ve graduated from their Loveline gig is entertainment on its own, the real objective of the night is not only about how these two former late night radio hosts are doing, but what’s secretly going on in the minds of everyone else since their departure. It’s the same simple premise that has inspired some of the most memorable calls in the past and tonight, Dr. Drew is opening up the same line of communication for what he calls “personal Loveline-esque questions.”

As he scans the room, beckoning anyone in the audience to bravely bare their soul, one person finally gives Dr. Drew what he’s looking for. She is a young Latino woman and presents the dilemma du jour. “My sister has been a drug addict on crystal meth for 18 years and she has a 14 year old daughter who just started high school,” she says. She goes on to explain that her sister just got out of rehab but has already started relapsing. “Every time that happens, her daughter does really bad.” Turning to face Dr. Drew with a mic in her hand, she asks, “How can I help my niece and support her in the best way possible?”

This is no foreign topic for Dr. Drew, but his furrowed brow and all-concerning nod makes it seem like it’s the first time he’s been hit with something so somber. In perfect Dr. Drew fashion, though, he suggests that the niece goes to Ala-Teen, a group for teenagers with family members who have addiction, where she will be involved with step work and engage with other kids. Best of all, he makes a point to say that it’s free. “Free, free, free! Healthcare is so damn expensive and these self-help programs—these mutual aid organizations—are free! For God’s sakes, why don’t people take advantage of that?” he practically pleads into the mic.

Of course, it makes sense that Dr. Drew would feel this way about getting help. For one, it’s true—there have been countless studies on the benefits of mutual aid groups and how they are as good as or better than any other professional treatment. Secondly, he’s practically built his entire media platform on the same principles of the program. After all, Loveline is not your average news report or advice show; it’s an ongoing conversation spanning all generations that explores some of the most intimate and vulnerable curiosities of a person’s life. And not one person’s claiming to be perfect.

The evening wraps with Dr. Drew and Mike talking about one of their favorite calls of all time (the “Asian girl call”—you’ll have to listen for it yourself) and the audience exits the club reminiscing about their own personal favorites. “That was fun—all the memories of the stuff they did on the show,” one guy says to his girlfriend as they get in line with the rest of the audience to take pictures with Dr. Drew and Mike.

Though the two hosts are no longer picking up the phones for Loveline, viewers can still get a dose of their everyday ramblings and insights on KABC’S Dr. Drew Midday Live with Mike Catherwood. Dr. Drew continues to offer his unique expertise on current events while Mike still brings in the laughs. So just as we all said to each other on the last day of high school during graduation, let’s keep in touch. And we’ll see everyone again at the next 10-year reunion.

If you’d like to relive the night with Dr. Drew and Mike Catherwood, the entire event was recorded and will be airing today on the Dr. Drew Podcast. For more of Dr. Drew and Mike Catherwood, be sure to also tune into KABC, Monday to Friday, from 12pm to 3pm for the Dr. Drew Midday Live with Mike Catherwood show.

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