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Woman stays inspired in recovery through music

Sobriety Playlist: 13 Songs to Help You Stay Resilient in Recovery

To help push you through the hardest of times in recovery, we've created a playlist of 13 songs that reminds us to build resili... Continue Reading

Self-Sabotage And Self-Defeating Behaviors In Addiction Recovery

We'll be looking at self sabotage and self-defeating behaviors common in early addiction recovery. A number of these behaviors ... Continue Reading

Exactly How To Create A Relapse Prevention Plan

The creation of this Relapse Prevention Plan is meant to be an aid in your recovery. Here's a step-by-step guide. Continue Reading

Exactly How To Improve The Four Key Relationships In Addiction Recovery

The deeper and deeper we slide into our addictive actions and behaviors, the more and more distant we become from relationships... Continue Reading

Guided Imagery: The Key To Relaxation

Guided imagery is visual approach to meditation using hypnosis and relaxation. There are certain requirements you would have to... Continue Reading

Conversation Topics That Really Work

Convey up great conversation topics and you will impress the other person and it will likely be easier to build the relationshi... Continue Reading

Sober Problem Solving

Sober problem solving is certainly not a well honed skill to those new to sobriety. Let’s look at a different strategy that ma... Continue Reading

The Famous Letter From Carl Jung To Bill Wilson, Founder Of Alcoholics Anonymous

A letter from Carl Jung to Bill Wilson concerning spirituality and alcoholism. Continue Reading

Addiction Recovery Tools

There are some skills and tools that can help you progress in addiction recovery, from a state of abstinence into a life growin... Continue Reading

Weathering Crises in Recovery

By Kelly McClanahan

Many addicts in recovery will experience situations that trigger them, especially those who have past trauma. When they experie... Continue Reading

Self-Esteem In Recovery

By Jessica Parks

One of the most common issues that people in recovery face is dealing with a lack of self-esteem. In active addiction, addicts ... Continue Reading

8 Tips To Help Stop Self Defeating And Self-Sabotaging Behavior

I am a big believer in the idea that every action we take is done for reason. 1. What is your payoff?What is it that you reall... Continue Reading

Quiz: Are You Codependent?

By Royane Real

Any relationship involves a certain degree of codependency. Here is a quiz designed to find out if you are codependent to a pro... Continue Reading

Drug Addiction and Alcoholism Movies

Here is a list of movies dealing with drug addiction and alcoholism. Some are strictly Hollywood portrayals, and some are actua... Continue Reading

Robin Williams On His Addiction Recovery, As Only He Can Tell It

Robin Williams speaks about his drug addiction and addiction recovery in an interview on Inside The Actor's Studio. Pathos mixe... Continue Reading