Heather Adams

Heather Adams is a writer, teacher and speaker who makes her home in Connecticut. She has been in the recovery process herself, and has been involved with family members going through it. Through groups, counseling and her own journey, she has worked through many underlying issues in her life such as depression and negative mindsets. Out of these experiences comes a desire to offer encouragement to others who are also “in the battle.”

Man holding bible

10 Bible Verses That Ring True for Those in Recovery

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5 Most Inspiring Biographies to Read For Those In Recovery

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5 Daily Habits To Refresh and Recharge You

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The Importance of Confidentiality in the Recovery Process

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New to the Kitchen? 3 Recipes to Kickstart Your Healthy Living

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5 Easy Steps to Creating More Structure in Your Life

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How to Care for Yourself While You Help a Loved One in Addiction

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3 Emotions That Make Up Every Loved One's Journey

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Celebrate Recovery: A Personal Story

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