Mother of an addict bravely faces addiction with her child

A Mother’s Letter to Addiction


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Mother of an addict bravely faces addiction with her child

Dear Addiction,

I knew one day you'd come for me, even if it was through my daughter. You've reared your ugly head time and again in the bloodline of my family and friends. You thought you'd win, but you didn't count on me. A mother's love never dies and, even though you're trying to kill my daughter's flesh, my love will never let you have her soul. I am her defender.

You stole her smilerotting her teeth and removing the laughter from her life. Her eyes have become hallow and her mind an empty hole. But you missed the little girl hiding in her—the one her father and I raised. She still resides inside our daughter, buried deep and wrapped safely in joy and innocence. You may possess her body at the moment, but that little girl inside will never let her go. I am her guardian.

You tried to break our family, filling us with doubt and mistrust. You forced us to endure lies and manipulations so you could keep your hunger fed. You tried to turn me against my child with her ugly words and fists of rage, the same with her father and brother. But we are stronger together than you will ever be. We are her family!

A brave mother of an addict writes an open letter to her daughter's most vicious enemy.

You came on like a fury, pulling my daughter into your grasp. I hardly had time to think before I realized what we were dealing with. You were ahead of the game, taking control of her will immediately. However, I was a fast learner and I have kept pace with you ever since. You know how to take a life and make it your own, but you have no idea what it’s like to fight for what you want. I am her strength.

The empty promise that you offer is a thinly guarded lie—removing the hurt and pain only for a moment. You think you're hidden and safe from the world, but I see you. I know who you really are and so I couldn't be fooled for too long. Just like every lie before you, the truth will always win. I see you for the lie you tell and someday so will my daughter. I am her truth.

You steal her days, bringing her to your darkness of night. Under the cover of nightfall you show what a coward you are. She does your bidding despite everything she knows. But she's been taught what’s right and what’s wrong, and I have faith that her goodness will shine through. I am her light.

You've taken years from her that she could've spent basking in the sun. You’ve left her shaking and afraid, without a conscience and riddled with anxiety. In this state, she could be yours forever. But the pieces you have left me holding can be put back together, and I know she will prevail. I am her will.

I'll be everything I need to be while my daughter fights for her place in this world. To be free from your clutches once and for all is everything she deserves. Her fight is far from over, as you play with her emotions each day. But know this, Addiction, as long as there's a breath left in me, you will never succeed at your ultimate goal of her demise. I will be there every step of the way as her guardian, her family, her strength, her truth, her light and her will.

In the end you will lose because, in the end, I will still be her mother.

Love, Mom

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