ice skates on snow

7 Winter Activities to Keep You Going


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ice skates on snow

Winters can be slow, dull and boring at times which can be tempting to return to old habits. But whether you are still struggling with your addiction or have maintained your sobriety for years, it is important to keep trotting the recovery road with a good attitude. There are plenty of fun activities you can engage in both alone or with family and friends this winter that do not involve drinking alcoholic beverages.

See which of the seven following activities you can keep yourself busy with.

Don't let the cold weather get you down. There's plenty to do during the winter season.

1. Playing Board Games

Whether it’s chess, scrabble or monopoly, board games are not only stimulating and exciting, but they can also take your mind off things and make time fly. Board games have also been known to enhance your brainpower, memory and problem-solving skills. Have a board game night and invite your family and friends to play games with you. You’ll be surprised at how much laughing you’ll do.

2. Watching Movies

Time is one thing you have plenty of during winter and nothing makes it go by faster than a good movie. Just rent a couple of great movies and huddle on a couch together with family or friends. Healthy snacks and non-alcoholic drinks make it an even better experience.

3. Sledding

Sledding is a simple activity anyone can engage in when there is snow piled on the ground. All you need is a simple sled and a hill covered with snow. You can then spend countless hours of intense fun and also get a great workout. Be mindful of safety, wear warm clothes and bring along hot chocolate. Why not?

4. Ice Skating

Certainly, ice-skating is the epitome of winter activities. These days you can do it either outdoors or indoors. It is an excellent way to get yourself moving, which can be somewhat of a challenge in the winter. The best time to skate is usually in the later morning or early afternoon when it’s not too crowded.

5. Cooking

If you are limited on what you can do during winter, you can simply cook to keep yourself occupied. Some great recipes for winter include hearty stews and soups. Break out the crockpot and try out some new recipes. Take a cooking class. You can also set a challenge for yourself and prepare a new, intricate dish every week which will make your family quite happy.

6. Ice Fishing

Add excitement to your winter days by trying your hand in ice fishing. See if you can catch spike, crappy or walleye fish. This activity is a bit more complicated than the others and may require a set of equipment to pull off, but that just adds to the fun and excitement.

7. Storytelling By the Fireside

After a busy day of energizing activities, simply light up a bonfire, relax by its side and share captivating stories with friends or family—all while sipping something hot. Bonfire get-togethers are always a good time.

Before you let the cold weather keep you inside and feeling down this winter, make a list of fun things to do and incorporate them into your life. After all, life (in any season) is really what you make it.

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