carved pumpkin in front of haunted house

6 Ingenious Halloween Games for Your Alcohol-Free Party


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carved pumpkin in front of haunted house

Halloween is right around the corner and it’s time for grown ups and children alike to play dress-up again. Some may argue that adults enjoy this time of year a lot more than the kids do and they may be onto something. After all, planning a good ol’ Halloween bash is just the beginning of a whole night of fun. Just because alcohol is not part of the picture doesn’t mean you have to hold back on the festivities.

Here are 7 uber-cool games and activities to help make your Halloween party the best on the street, without a drop of liquor.

Halloween is right around the corner! Here are 7 uber-cool games and activities to help make your Halloween party the best on the street, without a drop of liquor.

1. The "Thriller" Soul Train Line

Michael Jackson Thriller

What’s Halloween without a little Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”? Not only is having a Soul Train line fun, your guests will be talking about it for days to come. Send out invites ahead a time and let people know they should dress to impress in their favorite boogie down costumes. You can also encourage your guests to take turns going down the line doing their finest MJ impersonations!

2. Guess That Horror Flick

Man screaming on TV screen

This game may take a bit of planning and engineering but it’s well worth the effort. Gather clips from various horror films and compile them in a video. Then play it on a big screen the night of the party for your best movie-loving friends to take a stab at guessing. You can either let people shout out the answers or choose by a show of hands. It’s also fun to let people play in teams of two or three. This is actually where previewing the videos beforehand becomes vital—someone has to know the correct answers. You can even end the night by popping in one of the films to watch if everyone agrees on a favorite.

3. Chalk Outlines

chalk outline of body

This game is cool if you’re having a gory or murder-themed party. You’ll need chalk, butcher paper (wide enough for a body) and tape. Next, choose several willing participants to have their bodies traced capturing death poses. You can either have them lean up against a wall to trace their form or do it the old-fashioned way — lying on the ground. Try to avoid tracing costume accessories that may give the person away. Tape the chalk outlines up and then have everyone take turns guessing who the pose belongs to.

4. The Ghost Game

eerie silhouette

How strong is your sixth sense? Well, this game will put you and your guests to the test. First, the group needs to choose who will be the ghost. Next, have everyone sit in a circle and close their eyes — no peeking. The ghost may want to remove their shoes so that they can be as quiet as possible. Then, he or she will walk around the circle then stop directly behind a chosen person. The ghost will then count to ten silently, giving the person sitting in front of them a chance to say, “There’s a ghost behind me!” If the person doesn’t sense the ghost, then the ghost grabs them and tells them their dead. If someone mistakenly thinks there’s a ghost behind them and says the special phrase, then they have to switch places with the ghost.

5. Pumpkin Bowling

carved pumpkins

Put your bowling skills to the test in this fall-themed game. You’ll need 10 empty plastic bottles and several small 4 to 6-inch pumpkins (make sure you have extras in case some of them break). Set up the bottles as you would bowling pins and try your hand at rolling the pumpkins down. Plan to have simple giveaways for those who get strikes or who can pick up spares.

6. Fortune Telling

crystal ball

It would be great if you can get a real fortune teller or tarot card reader for this game but if not, it’s perfectly fine. Either you or one of your friends can plan to do palm or tarot card readings to play “Meet Your Fate.” You’ll need to bake a cake and place a penny, a ring and a feather in the batter. The person who bites a piece of cake with the penny will have prosperity and wealth. The ring means you’ll soon meet your true love. And the feather symbolizes long life and good health. Feel free to improvise and add other little totems that could also have a special meaning.

How do you plan on celebrating this year’s Halloween? We’d love to hear! Please share your ghoulish (but fun) adventure on the comments section below.

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