man bored on the couch

5 Ways to Attack Boredom in Recovery


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man bored on the couch

Life without a buzz isn’t always exciting, but it doesn’t have to be boring either. In fact, for people giving up an addiction, boredom can be dangerous. It can lead to another drink or a quick return to old habits. In these cases, the mind has stopped looking for ways to relieve boredom and has given into the circumstances instead. Here are five practical ways to fight boredom and stay on track to recovery.

Hacking Boredom

1. Try Something New

Push yourself to explore new adventures. Make new friends. If your work bores you, seek a new job or even make a career change.

2. Talk to Someone

Tell friends and family about your boredom. They will support you and offer suggestions that you may not have thought of on your own. Just engaging others in conversation is better than reaching for the bottle.

3. Stay Positive

Be creative and unafraid of change. Keep an open mind and choose a productive path rather than a destructive one.

4. Get Some Exercise

Exercise benefits the mind and body and keeps your thoughts from boredom and bottle. The secret is to choose an exercise you enjoy that can occupy you for a good period of time. An exercise program you like is one you will stick with. It should be strenuous enough to get your endorphins going to enhance your mood and keep you returning to the activity.

5. Find a Furry Friend

If the usual exercise regimens leave you cold, get a dog. Go to your local animal shelter and adopt a playful companion to play catch with, jog with and accompany you on long walks. You have the added advantage in this case of finding a non-judgmental, sober buddy to aid in the recovery process.

Keeping a Balance

Boredom, like alcohol, can be a comfortable retreat. Together, the two brew trouble for the recovering addict. Fight off boredom (and the temptations that come with it) with these simple steps.

Being proactive against boredom doesn’t mean you now have to fill every second of life with extreme thrills. It is actually self-defeating and unreasonable to think that boredom can be cured by bungee-jumping off the rim of the Grand Canyon. Rather, a more pragmatic approach is to recognize your state of ennui and take manageable steps to overcome it.

Although the things above are helpful to do, every individual is different and must find their own way out of the doldrums. Trust in yourself enough to know what it is that captures your imagination and engages you to get your thoughts away from yourself and into whatever project holds your attention for a substantial period of time. This can be your salvation in the difficult task you have set for yourself – self-control and sobriety.

Boredom is one of the widest and most destructive roads to addiction and relapse. It is a mindset that can be very difficult to conquer, but it is an absolute must in order to maintain your mental and physical balance and keep you on the bumpy road towards recovery.

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