recovering addict clean and sober

3 Steps to Ensure Energetic Clarity Once You're Clean and Sober


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recovering addict clean and sober

So, you’re in recovery. You are adapting to this new normal and being introduced to numerous new concepts that are likely uncomfortable but necessary to employ in your daily life. They serve to keep you clean and sober.

But what about the concept of keeping you clear? Are you aware that your energythe spiritual aspect of your beingneeds cleaning up too? Well, now you are.

Are you aware that your energy—the spiritual aspect of your being—needs cleaning up too?

So, take the time to employ these three simple steps to ensure you’re not merely clean and sober, but you’re also energetically clear and free of negative energy that could easily lead to relapse.

Clear the Energy

The energy in your Sacred Spacethat which surrounds you and that which is within youis an aspect and extension of your being that must be clear for you to feel at peace.

Clearing the energy around you involves utilizing clearing actions, intentions, and elements such as candles, sage, incense, prayer, meditation, blessings, and holy water. Employing the power of your word to speak intentionswhat you wish for your space regarding peace and protectionis also necessary to energetically clear and charge your space.

The energy within you can be cleared through similar meanssmudging, meditation, prayer, and speaking intentions. However, it may also be necessary to employ an energy worker or spiritual life coach to assist with clearing the energy within and that which extends around your physical body. The latter is known as your aura.

Taking a Himalayan salt bath can also clear your aura, and it doesn’t require a third party to access that. Additionally, bringing Himalayan salt lamps into your space can assist in keeping the energy clear within your home. In fact, crystalslike selenite, amethyst, clear quartz, black obsidian or tourmaline, and rose quartzare highly recommended for clearing and raising the vibration of your energy and that of the space around you.

Release the Old

Another aspect of keeping your Sacred Space clear involves releasing old energy.

Letting go of relationships that no longer resonate with or serve you is a first step in clearing your energy. Toxic, negative, codependent, dysfunctional, or even superficial relationships qualify as those which do not serve you. In fact, they stagnate or sabotage your growth. Also, releasing relationships that no longer resonatelike those that involve individuals who are still active in addiction or codependencyfrees up energetic space for new, more agreeable relationships to arrive.

Additionally, you can ensure energetic clarity by literally letting go of the old energy on and around you. Releasing material items tied to the pastclothing, jewelry, furnitureremoves energy that isn’t yours or doesn’t resonate with a higher vibration. Creating a physical spacewith regard to your body and your homethat is sacred allows you the opportunity to return to your authentic energy and remain centered without disruption from the energy of others.

So, release the oldthat which doesn’t vibe with where you are or will be working to beand send a clear message of readiness to your Higher Power and the Universe. Remember, you’re not only clearing your energy. You are getting clear with yourself, others, your Higher Power, and the Universe about what you truly desire and deserve.

Cut the Cords

To fully release old energy with regard to relationships, cutting energetic cords is vital.

Energetic cording occurs in any relationship, including but not limited to sexual ones. These energetic cords connect us to the energy of others and allow their energy to impact us, even when they are not in our physical presence. In fact, even when we have removed a connection with an individual from our lives, the energetic cord will remain.

Preventing these energetic cords is something that requires self-awareness and trust in one’s spiritual giftsintuition and other spiritual abilities to sense the energy of others. That said, prevention requires setting and maintaining stern boundaries with regard to toxic energies and behaviors.

Intervention with regard to energetic cords requires the cutting and pulling of these cords with the help of a spiritual guide or by simply calling on a Higher Power to assist in removing them. Replacing what was removed with the highest love and light is also key so that there is not merely a void left in its place.

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