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Luxury Rehab Treatment

Many people associate luxury, private rehab treatment centers with celebrities, millionaires, and top executives. The truth is, people from various backgrounds select high-end facilities for the numerous treatment benefits not offered by standard facilities.

Entering treatment for addiction is already difficult for anyone, regardless of age, status, income, or culture. Luxury inpatient rehabilitation programs help families start off with a strong team of medical professionals to help the addicted loved one in as comfortable a setting as possible.

But make no mistake about it; the process of rehabilitating from drugs and alcohol will still be arduous for the person in recovery. Selecting a facility that offers some of the amenities most important to him or her, however, can help improve the chances the recovery plan will stick.

Private Rehab Options

Finding the appropriate rehabilitation center with a program to meet the patient’s needs is a vital first step in recovery. Generally, an inpatient program provides the highest level of assistance, offering 24-hour medical and mental health support. In a private rehab setting, the benefits and services are leveled up with a keen eye to detail.

Here are some of the key features of a high-end recovery center.

Patient to Staff Ratio

Personal attention, especially in the form of a favorable patient-to-staff ratio, is essential for any successful treatment program. Naturally, with more staff members available on-site for each patient, more individualized care can be provided. With advantageous patient-to-staff ratios, private treatment centers provide an opportunity for clients to be under constant care throughout their stay.

Treatment Approach

High-end facilities have the funding to hire highly-skilled counselors and therapists with years of experience treating drug or alcohol addiction. A private center is able to offer specialists and full-time personnel for intensive on-site peer group support and multiple one-on-one therapy sessions each week. Research suggests this type of treatment is proven to be highly effective for addiction recovery.

Just as important, private facilities are able to offer flexible treatment approaches to further customize a treatment program for each individual. A variety of treatment modalities, or a combination of several, can prove to be the optimal formula for sobriety.


While traditional facilities meet the basic needs of their patients during treatment, luxury rehabs provide a range of high-end amenities. Bedrooms and common areas are appropriately furnished so everything the patient might need is available, contributing to the restoration of his or her physical and mental health.

Private facilities recognize that published studies support alternative care as beneficial in a person’s addiction treatment plan. Meditation, swimming, biking, aromatherapy, and a wide variety of amenities offered at high-end centers are geared towards boosting the success of recovery.

For example, nourishing cuisine is a common feature at luxury rehab centers. Many have first-class chefs that prepare outstanding food for patients throughout the day. There is typically an emphasis on nutrition to enhance the wellness of the patient during their recovery.

The ability to bring your pet, which is a unique situation not typically offered at traditional rehab facilities, has been shown to help those with substance-use disorders. It also is useful for patients who are resistant to treatment, which is common in substance-use disorders. That’s why a number of luxury treatment centers are “pet-friendly.” They understand that a four-legged friend can contribute to an overall sense of well-being. Pets can help elevate mood, instill a sense of calm, get the individual moving, increase outside socializing with others, and give unconditional love throughout the duration of treatment.

Some rehabs also practice equine-facilitated psychotherapy, which is a research-supported technique that can help patients learn and practice important skills such as trust, affection, patience, assertiveness, and responsibility.

Multifaceted Approach

High-end rehab facilities usually provide all of the care a recovering addict may need in one location. Instead of going to one center for detox and another for inpatient care, everything is done together at one site. This allows the person to focus on recovery with less anxiety.

Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention is an essential component of any drug or alcohol rehab program. Knowing how to handle triggers is necessary for successfully preventing a relapse.

The highly-trained professionals at private recovery centers have the ability to interact on an individual basis with the patient, teaching them the skills needed to attain long-term sobriety. Through this process, the person in recovery will understand how to identify the signs of a pending relapse, how to combat temptations, and how to implement the tools to prevent relapse from happening.

Unlike many public treatment programs, the staff at luxury treatment centers can closely monitor clients before they falter.


Public treatment programs tend to limit patients to periods of stay that are covered by insurance plans. On the other hand, private rehabs do not carry the same limitations. This way, the person can recover at their own pace, receive adequate therapy, and increase their chances for long-term success.

The Right to Privacy

While luxury facilities provide the option of a room with privacy, some rehabilitation centers might require multiple people in one room. For many, the sanctuary of a private room is needed for reflecting, reading, meditating and building a foundation for sobriety.

Furthermore, privacy can be very important in the initial part of rehabilitation when the unpleasant and potentially fatal side effects stemming from withdrawal (nausea, fever, muscle cramping, insomnia, and depression) are at their worst. This may be a time when a single room would be most beneficial.

However, some individuals in recovery respond well to having a roommate who is going through similar struggles, goals and aspirations. This is typically a choice you're able to make at a luxury substance abuse treatment center.  

Regardless of what type of room you or your loved one decide on, you can always expect ultimate comfort with quality linens, large bathrooms and other features, which are essential as they help reduce the patient’s anxiety about being away from home. Also, these features help patients feel relaxed and at peace with themselves, allowing them to become more receptive to treatment.


Private centers also have the resources to invest in the long-term health of their clients. Many have the resources to follow-up with patients following their “graduation” from the treatment program. A public clinic will also emphasize the importance of aftercare, but may not be able to actually stay in touch with patients due to lack of manpower.

A luxury rehabilitation facility has the ability to introduce and facilitate the recovering addict through their transition after completing treatment. This ensures there is a customized process and referral between the completion of formalized treatment and the beginning of living in the outside world as a newly sober person.

How to Choose the Right Private Facility

There are a wide variety of choices for luxury rehab facilities. Most are located in scenic resort areas, such as beaches, deserts or mountains, while traditional facilities are often located in a hospital or institutional setting.

Individuals stand a much better chance of rehabilitation if they can do the hard work of recovery in an environment that is conducive to their mental and emotional health. Private facilities, which are often in secluded areas surrounded by nature, provide settings of peace and quiet for clients to heal their bodies and souls.

The beautiful locations of private rehabs can ease an individual through the recovery process and help reduce the stigma that surrounds substance use treatment. For example, wilderness programs offer a change of perspective and fewer distractions, while an oceanfront facility makes for a calming place to recover.

People from all walks of life suffer from drug or alcohol addiction, and they can all benefit from everything a private, luxury rehab center has to offer.

As unique as each program may be, they all operate under the common goal of uplifting the mind, body and spirit, and give individuals the tools and life skills they’ll need to continue to fight for their sobriety.  

Payment Options

For many people, going to drug and alcohol rehab comes down to two simple questions:

  1. How much is this going to cost?
  2. How much will my insurance cover?

Private rehabilitation programs primarily derive their funding from the fees of the people who attend their location. Apart from being able to help someone recover his or her life from addiction, such facilities have a financial incentive to deliver results so graduating patients can recommend their services to others who may also need addiction help. They want you or your loved one to see your recovery through and succeed. While costs may be higher than a traditional public facility, the benefits can be worth the expense.

Of course, the cost varies for every client and is based upon their needs, the severity of their substance abuse, and their insurance policy. It’s possible that an insurance policy could cover a good portion of the rehab cost, allowing for a lower out-of-pocket expense while the person in recovery receives the help he or she needs. Most rehab centers also offer financing options, payment plans, and even a sliding scale of costs to accommodate different budgets.

Although luxury alcohol rehabs charge more than standard treatment facilities, this allows them to employ highly trained clinical staff with specialized experience on a close-knit basis. In fact, when you factor in the cost of stay, food, medications, 24/7 support from addiction specialists, mental health professionals and doctors, and the lifetime of benefits you’ll continue to gain in recovery, some clients find themselves surprised by the reasonable and competitive rates of many private facilities.

Things to Consider Before Checking into Rehab

With all this in mind, there is a lot to consider when deciding on private treatment. Before you make a decision, find out as many details as possible including:

  • Range of treatment plans (ask to see a sample treatment program)
  • What they offer (and what they don’t offer)
  • Type of monitoring and supervision
  • Amount of group and one-on-one therapy time
  • Licenses and accreditation
  • Rate of success
  • Aftercare programs
  • Accommodations
  • Amenities and associated extra costs

There’s a plethora of rehab options with varying costs and amenities, so cost alone should not be an obstacle to addiction recovery. There are many ways to get lower cost public assistance for addiction treatment. All that’s required is the commitment and dedication to pursue treatment.

However, entering a luxury rehab immediately puts top industry professionals on the patient’s corner, in a comfortable setting, for the length of time required. As an individual takes on one of the toughest feat of his or her life, the difference in the quality of treatment received can make a huge impact on the recovery process.

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