Violence vs. Nonviolence

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Violence vs. Nonviolence

I originally posted these on the alanon board. I am going to repost it here since this has been a topic lately.

Give it a minute to load.




- Are you being yelled at? Blamed?
- Do you feel you're being humiliated in public?
- Are you being called selfish? (not doing what the other person wants)
- Are you compulsively people pleasing, complying or running away?
- Are you being called childish because you express needs and feelings?
- Are you fearful about expressing your opinion?
- Are you being put down, and grilled - "Perry Mason" style?
- Do you fell stuck because of inappropriate "compassion", "forgiveness" or
"understanding" for this person, BEFORE appropriate anger has been expressed?
- Do you consistently feel guilty, fearful or angry with this person?
- Do you think those who are nice to you are "stupid, wishy washy-wimps"?

ACOA'S frequently stay in abusive situations. Abusers may be parents, employers, spiritual advisors, lovers, spouses, friends, sponsors or yes, therapists. Abuse arises from a sick need, (frequently of someone who was also abused) to control, vent anger, boost a sick ego, or to stamp out signs of health, dissension, independence, love, kindness or joy--expression which the abuser resents or doesn't understand and may thus label as "weakness".
Abuse can produce effects similar to toxic drugs: borderline functioning, disorientation, loss of identity, depression, false confidence, no confidence, acted out anger, lying, self isolation, or shame. Other effects might be: to follow orders as if sleep-walking, (often against one's better judgment) or even to perceive the abuser as "wonderful", "my protector".
A common response to abuse in ACOA'S is to blame ourselves, often in a FIERCE Fourth Step: "dishonest, lazy, scattered, procrastinator, selfish, intolerant, spiritual midget", and on and on. In fact, all of these behaviors may frequently be necessary, to defend the psyche against further disintegration, in the face of continuing abuse.


- Listen to your Intuition, Higher Power, Inner Child: suspect that abuse is indeed happening if you hear rumblings
- Get outside validation that the abuse is occurring (meetings, therapists, etc)
- Gradually gather awareness and strength to put the abuse down
- Learn NOT to pick up abuse, as an addict learns not to pick up his drink, his food, his drugs, his work, his anger - one day at a time
- Prepare exit lines ("I have to call Chicago now"), and walk away from any situation which threatens to become abusive

AS A RESULT, either: - the abuse will stop
- or you'll be asked to leave
- or you'll CHOOSE to leave the situation, for good!

Any of these actions will be a step towards reintegrating your personality and living freely - and happily.

from A New York ACOA, March, 1987
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Hey ya MG, wow heavy stuff! Ha, I could take the circle with abuse on it and stick it on my past life with my ex! Ya, I get tired of feeling guilty! I'm sooooooo happy to have you guys!
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One of Brians BIG JOKES was calling me the maid and introducing me as his made. H e cerainly did treat me like a servant.

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