Five days Free

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Five days Free

Last Sunday I took the 6-pack of beer I knew I would drink before the day was over out of the fridge. I popped all the cans, and dumped the beer down the garbage disposal. I don't believe I did it, and I don't believe I didn't run out on Monday for another 6-pack. Five days free from alcohol. Dear friends, please help me to help myself. Pray for me. Thank you, Sheila, for standing by me.

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i had to post on this one and give you some support. i am just a lurker reading posts. i am married to an addict. i used to post on the na anon but not many replied so with the personality i have i felt unwanted so i wont post again.
but anyway, i am so proud of you. you are a strong person that has the will power to do it. keep up the good work and hang in there. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!
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Hi skydancero8

That was great you took your power back by dumping the 6 pack out. Just remmeber it is one day a time and stay in today and you will be fine. It feels very good to do that doesn't it. Don't forget the feeling you got from dumping it out every time you go though something and you are in a lot of pain just remmeber when you dump it then you will get stronger. SAngelfive
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Great job. I am also new in recovery (from opiates). Welcome, and keep coming back.

Nana05, don't give up, keep posting. We do want to hear from you.

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Skydancer, that is a fantastic accomplishment! you have had a weeks' worth of miracles! Congratulations!
Welcome to our forum. You have come to the right place if you need a little extra support or several sets of understanding "listening" ears.
I hope that you have found an AA meeting in your area. The 12 steps are a wonderful set of guidelines for success for all of us. I am glad you are here. My prayers are with you. Please posts often and let us know how you are doing.
P.S. Nana05!!! I tried to respond to one of your posts some time ago but my comp was on the fritz that day. I hate to think this was a day when you really needed the support but what day isn't for any one of us? Please feel free to post here whenever you feel the need. I am certain that myself or another woman in recovery will respond A.S.A.P. God bless you, dear!

The lie is dead...We do recover!

Gettin' Better!
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