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Smile doing good

I have almost made it a week with out gambling. I feel so much stronger already.. I am feeling really good that I am going to make it... I go to the consumer credit counseling place tomorrow night to get my affairs in order. Today I even went to the local good will right next door to where I have always gambled at lunch time and had no urge to even go in.. I think that is really good... I am struggling with my other issue of my eating disorder though as my parents have purchased plane tickets to fly me and my family home for a week.. I feel so large that I know I must take off some of the weight fast... Just me whinning.. Funny how one issue is doing really well yet the other is going crazy... But I know I need to focus on one at a time.. Gambling was going to break me and my family so that is my main one and as far as my eating disorder, I have never wanted to give that one up anyway.. as I never fully believe that I have one though the doctors tell me that I do and I am underweight and to thin.. Not something that I can see.. Oh well now I have just gone on and on for no reason.. SOrry.. Take care all.. Just wanted to share the one week free of gambling...

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HI Chey99

Good going give yourself a pat on the back.Here is a hug from me((((((((CHEY99)))))))))I know the eating disorder you say is a problem too just work on the gambling and the rest will fall into place. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY

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I would like to welcome you the recovery forum once again, Chey99. I am so pleased to hear about your success so far with your gambling addiction. You are doing it right, my friend. You would probably be surprised to learn how many of us deal with multiple addictions or an addiction and an obsessive/compulsive disorder or any other interesting combination.
SAngelfive gave good advice when she said to deal with the gambling first. Everything else really will fall into place. When I started dealing with my most current, most blown up addiction (my addiction to drugs) and started really working a program of recovery, I found that all my other issues came out into the open and DID eventually start falling into place. There is hope ahead and it sounds like you are making a fine start now.
Keep on posting. We enjoy hearing from you. (((Chey99)))

The lie is dead...We do recover!

Gettin' Better!
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