Sobriety without meetings?

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Post Sobriety without meetings?

I have been sober for 3 months but I'm thinking I'm doing it the hard way: no meetings, no counseling, just doing it myself. Some days I feel great, some days I can barely wait till I'm done working before I start sobbing, and most of the time I'm really pissed off. I haven't been going to meetings because when I tried AA last summer, I wanted to drink more than ever during and after each meeting. In fact, I made up my mind during the last meeting I went to that I would go back to drinking. I was hoping for a while to try something like Women for Sobriety or RR but I can't find any support groups other than AA where I live, in Buffalo. Does anyone have any thoughts about trying to get sober without formal support? Thanks.
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I hear so many people who want to avoid meetings. Someone should be telling you what all these meetings are about. You need a sponser.

After a meeting, I would always have feelings surfacing (usually anger) that I had stuffed for years, by drinking. This is because I was relating to what was shared at the meeting. It is called cleaning house. You will have to face defects about yourself. There is no running from it, IF you want sobriety.

Have you read the first 164 pages of the Big Book? Do you go for coffee after a meeting with others in the group? Are you sharing at meetings? Print out what you shared here and read it at a meeting! Recovery is going to take a lot of work and a lot of love. It has to be the AA way not your way.

You want help? Then listen! Go to 90 meetings in 90 days. Don't be lukewarm about AA. It works if you work it. There is no preaching in meetings, just truth. The more meetings the more truth will be revealed.

Love you, Darlin"


Love, Pickle
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It is what it is!!!
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Imk -
Ditto to what Pickle said!!!
I know what you mean about cravings after meetings. Sometimes when I hear a really graphic story about using, I would feel the same way that you said you do, but you have to walk through it, you have to talk about it. It will get better. There are other ways of getting sober, but for me it was God, meetings and the 12 steps. Keep going, and listening, most of all open your mouth and talk.
God Bless -
Pauline - an addict grateful to be alive.
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