Struggling through pregnany

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Struggling through pregnany

I started having a drink problem about 2,5 years ago when doing a stressful course and having problems with my then boyfriend, as well as looking after our son (then 2). i realised I had aproblem, when I regularly drunk a bottle of wine or more right after coming home to get me through the afternoon, or even in the mornings when on late shift, taking wine mixed with juice to disguise it out when going to the playground ect. However I suppose I am a typical stress drinker, and it was extremely hard to cut down at all. Since finishing the course and splitting up with the bf I had my drinking more under control, even though I was still drinking a lot. But then not daily, only in the evenings, and not so much.
Now I have unfortunately found myself pregnant again, and apart from one slip, I managed to stay awy from alcohol altogether.
It's not that I'm physically craving it, and it probably does me some good to be forced to stop altogether, but the more weeks pass, the more I miss a drink (or better five) mentally. I can't stand the thought of not being able to get drunk (half a glass diluted wine on special occasions means I can as well leave it altogether) for the next 8 month and even longer when breastfeeding. That's really bugging me, I just wish someone could give me some help how to get it off my mind.
I hope I don't sound too desperate....
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Hi Joanna,

First I would like to welcome you and say that I am so glad you found the recovery forum. There's a lot of strength and hope and I know you can find the support you need to get through this.

I am happy you decided to abstain from drinking while you're pregnant and I know how hard it can be to quit something you're addicted to when you're not ready. I had a surprise pregnancy with my second and I had to quit smoking cigarettes. Usually us addicts and alcoholics have to reach some kind of bottom. Have you tried Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. They would be great as a support network for you and/or a place to vent. You never know, 9 months from now you'll be looking into the sweet little face of your new baby and realize that you may want to continue on with your sobriety.

Either way, you're not alone.

Hang in and keep posting

we're here for you.

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Hi Joanna,

Welcome to the forum. I congratulate you on your efforts not to drink while pregnant. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome can cause a life long disability for your child that will cause heartache for the entire family. Try to remember the consequences for all involved when you are triggered or crave alcohol at this time.

I found the information below that may be able to help you with some support right now. It's tough when addicted to try and quit like this. I started smoking after I had my children and know I would have struggled horribly if I had to try and quit while pregnant. Please find a program for support and keep posting here.



A national organisation that aims to provide a comprehensive service to women who are having problems with alcohol. ·Contact times: Women can make contact with WAC without an appointment every day 9.30am - 11.00am ·Part of the Alcohol Recovery Project. ·Runs support groups also. ·Crèche is available on request. ·Residential service. ·1:1 sessions ·Complimentary therapies ·Day programme. Area covered: UK

66a Drayton Park

Telephone: 020 7226 4581
Fax: 020 7354 8134

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It is what it is!!!
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Joanna -

I would also like to welcome you to the forum, we are all in this together, whatever the reason that got us here.

I would also suggest meetings, there is not better way in my opinion to get support with staying sober. This site is a great place for online support and friendship also.

Good luck to you - God Bless you and your babies!!!
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Hi, My friend:

I had two surprise pregnancies back to back and nursed both of them as well. I had my daughters at ages 35 & 36 and was so grateful, all else seemed irrelevant. I did, however, feel jealous of other people who could relax with a drink, while I was going through a stressful day. So, I stayed away from people, places and things...and, this was before AA. In return, I was blessed with two little angels and 3 years sobriety! After that an alcoholism counselor told me something I could really grasp. He said, "Now, pretend that those little ones you took such good care of while they were inside you, are still inside you. What? He said that everything and anything I put into my system would directly affect them. I finally understood.
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