nasty groggy feeling

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nasty groggy feeling

Hi guys

I just want to ask you something, sometimes late in the day, i suddenly get really really tired and need to sleep for an hour or so, but when I wake up I feel AWFUL, really nauseous and groggy and pannicky, I get this weird,horrible feeling just for a few seconds that reality is all fractured,and i dont know what i am, let alone where I am. Its a really terrible feeling and it scares me. Ive had it since i stopped using. I dont get in the morning after i been asleep for the night,only if I get really tired and nap. Im getting scared to take naps now. It reminds me of the worse feelings in an acid trip or crazy feelings from the worst days of withdrawal.Although it only afects me for a feww minutes its scares me.

Apart from this Im doing real good. Today I started a new job that im going to be doing for three months until i start nursing school. Its just an Admin job but I have my own desk and computer, and its high up and I have a lovely view out over Reading, today the weather was freezing, but crisp and bright, so it looked beautiful out, the river all frozen over.

Hope you are all well!

much love,

Clancy xxx
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Yes Clancy I know the feeling! Just a question,but is it close to PMS? Right now is very close for me and I have been just a mess. Even when I try to lay down for my nap, i can't go into a good doze and feel worse than when i went down. I do wake up a lot of the times feeling like I'm hung over. I think it's when your brain in left unchecked and it goes it's own way and you have to capture it back once you wake up fully. I'v been telling myself a lot these past two days to stay in the here and now and that I'm safe and it's only thoughts and not real. Your view sound so nice! We had a beautiful sunset last night and I was thinking it was going to be a beautiful day today. Not!!! We have had black rain for the first part of the day,then fog and now more yucky rain then snow later on. I should not go out in this crap, but I have to go to the camera store and beg them to please help me learn to use my new digital camera. I'v read the directions,but I still can't make heads nor tails of it. Ugh! Your alright Clancy. I'm not exspert,but I think it takes a very long time if ever for the phantom hangovers to go away if they ever do.
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~Dear Clancy~ Sorry to haer of the trouble you're having. I'd ask your doctor to check your blood sugar levels, but more than likely it'a a bit of hanging-on withdrawal. Don't ya just hate that? It has to hang on for soooo long!!

Sounds like your plans for nursing school are well on there way to becoming reality!

You Go Girl!! Show Em What Ya Got!!!!!

^^^^HUGE HUGS^^^^ coming across the frozen Atlantic..should slide right on over rather quickly, I'd imagine!!!

Love ya!!!!!!!!
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Oh zoomer, thanks for replying,im really glad that you know what i mean, and that im not the only one. Its so close to panic attack territtory,its awful. Sometimes I panic thinking about panic attacks! someone once said 'the only thing to fear is fear itself' maybe they are right!

Yes my view is fantastic! I just couldn't believe my luck when they showed me my new desk and computer its a lovely office,really clean, light and airy with huge windows.And I have the very best spot!

What kind of digicam did you get? I love photography, its my favorite hobby. Digicams are marvellous, you only need a printer and you have your own darkroom! You never need to take a disapointing shot again, you will soon be snapping away happily, belive me its utterly compulsive, instant art! and with the image editting software you can get you can make everyone look wonderful!

Ive made all my own christmas cards from my photos this year! satisfying!

big bug,

Clancy xx
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Oh zoomer!!!!

Im really sorry, I didn't mean to send you a big BUG!

What an awful typo, I hate bugs, especially big ones!! oh im besides my self with remorse!!!

Hope i didnt give you a fright!

((((((((((((((((((((((((zoomer)))))))))))))))))))) )))

hope that makes up for it!!
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And thank you tammie, I did wonder if it was my blood sugar, i have suffered with that befor,it used to make me faint. I hope its not bloody withdrwals hanging on,jeez, they never know when to leave ya in peace!

I'll try to refrain from sending you one of the big bugs i sent to poor zoomer!!
Honestly, what a mistake!

Have massive HUGS in stead!

((((((((((((((((((((((((((Tammie)))))))))))))))))) )

masses of love, sliding right back across the ocean atcha!
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Hi Clancy,

I get this also and mainly I think because napping in the daytime is a big trigger for me. I used to do this all of the time while drinking and so for a little while after waking I feel really depressed, sometimes freaked right out. Sometimes I feel as though there is some really fearful danger around me.

Don't have a solution, apart from trying not to nap which I know is nearly impossible, but can definitely relate to this.

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I don't think it has anything to do with using history. We have two sleep cycles the one that allows us to sleep at night, and another one in the afternoon, which is why alot of us get sleepy in the afternoon.

I've experienced that too, and I hate it. But it happened before I ever used anything. If you sleep too long in the afternoon, you will wake up feeling groggy and disoriented. The trick is is to nap only for about 45 minutes. At least that's what I've read about it.

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Salut Clancy,

I find a great way to help stop those panics is..........when you are feeling okay and not in a panic, try and bring on a panic attack I know this sounds wierd but it's really hard to bring on an attack!!! then when you get the real thing (free-floating anxiety/panic) try to breathe through it don't fight tell yourself it will pass, it always does even it don't feel like it. Hope that help a bit.
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LOL, big bug!!! That's very interesting about the two sleep cycles. I for one stay up late to get in my "me time". I wait til the kids are asleep to read. I also still get woken up once or twice a night by the baby. Sometimes I can't go back to sleep because my body feels like it's done sleeping,so i stay up when I get woken up at 3am knowing I have my nap to fall back on! Naps are a very important part of my life,without them I'd go nuts! I'm not lazy or trying to get back in old behavior molds, I just need them to start the 2nd half of my day. I'm going until 11:00 at night, doing dishes, or something. I swear in another life time I was born to a county that has a afternoons off to sleep Iv always been this way.
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Hi clancy, that afternoon fatigue is something I suffer as well. I have been doing some reading and well many suggestions on it. Mostly the common factor is not enough water and nutrition. I don't get those near anxiety attacks after a nap, but through different times of the day sometimes. As zoomer mentioned I noticed it's worse around "curse" time.

There is an excellant thread in one of the forums by Doug "Flare Up" in it he addresses some of the things we experiance and additionally, CarolD posted a link on PAWS... amazing the similarities there I found. You can find it by doing a search... would go look for you but am getting that 4pm sleepy and going to take a nap!

So.. your not alone.

ok.. found the PAWS link for you.
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