26 year old looking for a women's aa meeting

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26 year old looking for a women's aa meeting

Hello, I am new to this message board, but not new to recovery. I am 8 years sober, and since my sobriety I have moved to Los Angeles. I have not gone to a meeting in 5 years. I am only 26 year old, and have few friends. It's hard being this young and sober because most my age are out drinking. I am hoping to find an AA meeting to connect with other people in a similar situation. I prefer a women's meeting, because the last few I went to the men just stare, and then ask me out when the meeting is over. If anyone can help, that would be greatly appreciated.
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I don't know how to help you with finding a meeting, but I do want to welcome here to Soberrecovery! Glad you found us. Every one here is wonderfully supportive and friendly, so come on in look around and I hope to get to know ya better!!
Great job on the sobriety time!!!!!!
I know it's hard to be young and not feel comfortable hanging with the using/drinking crowd and all the temptations and all..but you have done an amazing job at your recovery and going back to meetings could really help with being able to hang out with those who understand. I wish you the best on your journey of recovery!!
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Welcome to the boards...It is kind of quiet in here with summer and weekends...but someone will attach a link soo for your meeting the meantime do a searc for alcoholics anonymous, Los angeles...and it will give you a website to go to find meetings.

Please keep coming back to share your experience, strength and hope.
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Hi and welcome -

Try this -

Or even easier if you look up your local AA number in the phone book and call they can tell you where meetings are close to you and even give you directions if you need it.

Good luck and keep coming back, this is a great place for friendship and support.
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young in recovery in LA too

I have found it very hard to find a group in LA that I can connect with as well. I have three years sober and had a great women's group in North Carolina that I felt very close too, but have yet to find that here. There is a good noon meeting in Santa Monica i think the address is Broadway and 26th Street. I go there occaissionally to hear a speaker when i need it. It is hard though. I am 26 as well and most people our age are out at bars. I have a great group of pals that are supportive though and more homebodies. I find work situations the most difficult. I work in a very hip production office where most people smoke pot and drink (sometimes on the job) and that new situation has been hard without a support system that is going through the same thing. Anyway just wanted you to know that someone else was in the same boat. Let me know if you find a good women's group in LA.
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It is what it is!!!
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bowlesheather -

Hi and welcome to SR. I am glad you found us, this is a great place for friendship and support.

congrats on your sobriety and for staying clean in the work situation that you have. Keep up the great work and keep posting, we look forward to getting to know you better.
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well lets start one then. I'm up for it. I live in Venice, am moving to Hollywood at the beginning of the month, and work in Malibu
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