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This no more

You know the one. Where you cannot believe you let it get to this point.
Rewind 30 years. Happy family, no drinking at all in my childhood. Married my sweetheart at 19, 2 lovely boys and I didn't drink at all, ever. Until I did.
Discovered my exDH had been drunk our entire marriage after being with him 18 years. I learned 2 things from him: 1) What a pro he was and 2) All the tricks I would later rely on.
Got divorced after 19 years and moved away with 2 boys now 17 and 14. Hated drinking now more than ever especially as I was living the devastation it can cause.

After a happy first year alone I started enjoying a social glass of wine. Well, what can that hurt right? Within 2 years I was regularly knocking back 1 or 2 bottles a couple of times a week. Well everyone knows the story and it ended last Wednesday after being drunk since the Friday before, missing Church and waking up Monday morning so haggard and hungover I couldn't go to work. I called in sick with the "flu". Still managed to finish a box of wine during Monday and Tuesday.
I woke up Wednesday morning and decided simply
I had no idea how or what or why but just knew that I could do this no more. It started with a google search that led me here and I have clung to this site since Wednesday. I have no plan yet or clue what I am doing, I just know that I am not drinking. Plans will be made and a path chosen as soon as possible but right here and right now I just need to not drink this day. I have until next Thursday off work (as I am in the same amount of trouble if I have one day sick or 8 so I figured for my sobriety I might as well take the 8!).

I am Fiona and I am an alcoholic.
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Good to meet you, Fiona. I am Bobbie and I am an alcoholic.

Things I did when I started here - joined a class. You should join the Dec 16 class. There is a lot of support with people at the same stage as you. Joined the 24 hour thread. Promise to stay sober 1 day at a time. First thing I do after prayers in the morning is go to 24 hour site and make myself accountable. Read, read, read. There is so much help here. So glad you are here.
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There are quite a few recovery programs
available to all who want to learn it and never
have to return to the insanity that comes
along with addiction.

Knowledge and learning is a powerful tool
in helping each strive for a healthier, happier,
honest way of life alcohol or drug free.

My own recovery program for remaining sober
for the past 26 yrs, was taught to me in a 28
day rehab stay with a 6 week outpatient
aftercare program attached. Family intervened
on me getting me the help I so desperately
needed at that time in my life. It was them
doing for me what I couldn't nor didn't
want to do myself.

Thank God for them and the willingness
I wanted to learn what I needed to learn
and apply it to all areas of my life to remain
sober one day at a time.

I took what a lot of folks who learned
how to live life successfully without
alcohol themselves, taking their suggestions
seriously as my life depended on it and
followed in the path they paved for me.

It was more than just not drinking each
day. I had to put into action what was
taught to me and apply it on a daily bases.

SR has become one of many recovery
tools I use in my everyday life. Coming
here is a way not only to reach out to those
needing guidance and help when beginning
their recovery journey as well, but also
reminds me daily that alcohol even today
some 26 yrs later is still as strong, powerful,
cunning, baffling and continues to take down folks
left and right.

Addiction is real and unless we stand strong
with willingness, openmindedness and honesty
to learn all we can about it and receive a
program of recovery as a guideline to live
with each day, then we have no defense against
this serious disease, illness, sickness that
plagues so many each day.

Folks come to SR to learn and have found
success in remaining sober each day. Then
there are those that may need extra help
which is where your rehab facilities are set
up to give them like I was, a place that was
secured, safe, away from the temptation of
reaching for alcohol or a drug in those early
weeks of not drinking.

Like a safe haven for those capable of
teaching us about addiction and learning
a program of recovery that I could and
would use everyday of my life for many
one days sober down the road.

Help is always available to you and others
so no one ever has to take on this task
alone or by themselves.

Welcome to SR as you begin building
a strong solid recovery foundation to
live your own life upon from here on out.
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Welcome to SR Flg

You'll find a lot of support here - come visit us in the Newcomers Forum too

Newcomers to Recovery - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction Help and Information

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Welcome, Fiona!

You'll finds lots of support here. Do check out the Forums and Sticky's ... so much information that will help you get through sobriety.
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Hi & Welcome Fiona
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Thank you everyone for your comments. The info I am finding here is so helpful and keeping me on track. Why did I wait so long to find it?
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Welcome here, Fiona. Bob.. is one of the first people who introduced me to SR. Showed me 'round. Good advice. Welcome. Welcome indeed. PJ.
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