The Great White Grandad.

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The Great White Grandad.

On a visit to see my grandson, Jude aged 3 years, yesterday... I was interested to see that his former preoccupation with the now extinct dinosaurs, has now turned to sharks!

Consequently, he now has a collection of shark orientated materials, toys, books etc. Even, with the aid of his Dad, drawing his version of one! Jackson Pollock would have been proud of it!

Amongst this collection, was a set of cards, with pictures of all the existing sharks on, together with written details of outlining a description of them, their characteristics etc. which was most educational and informative...not that he could commit those details to memory, or anything.

He did , however know that the fiercest one was, the great white shark! Even imitating it, you can imagine that was like...

Between us, given his new interest in all things shark. We decided that I should be henceforth known as,'The Great White Grandad'...which, it seems to me, has a certain ring to it. I think you'd agree?

On the drive home, I reflected on the fact that my grandson had invented a new species,'The Great White Grandad'... I also reflected on the fact that, prior to this, six years ago..if it had not been for the book ,'Alcoholics Anonymous', the set of 'bootleg' cd's, recorded at a 'Big Book ' Study weekend, given by two guys I'll never meet, Charlie and Joe'. Handed to me by a long time sober member of A A, Brian. Who had seen me struggle in my attempts to effect some sort of recovery over the years. Together with a couple of others, Jack Brennan and Clancy. The support and opportunity to read and post my own threads on this site ... together with all the other gifts and opportunities, sobriety brings. To all of us.

'The Great White Grandad', would have never existed and would've died out and become extinct, before my grandson was even born. Just like the dinosaurs...just a thought.
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