Brutally honest.

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Brutally honest.

Whenever people ask me how my recovery is going, I usually reply that ,'I'm safe, sane and sober', pointing out that ' the jury's still out on the middle one'....

In truth, as a benchmark, used to keep a check on myself, I use the indicators provided by the psychologist, Marie Jahoda.

Who after much research on the subject. Suggested the following indicators in describing, 'Ideal Mental Health' amongst normal people.

Efficient self perception.

Realistic self esteem and acceptance.

Voluntary control of behaviour.

True perception of the world.

Sustaining relationships and giving affection.

Self direction and productivity.

Being brutally honest, I can't say that any of these qualities existed in me during my drinking days, and if they did. They weren't on speaking terms with me, my mind was elsewhere.

Equally so, I tell myself that like the 12 suggested Steps of recovery, in sobriety I don't get all these right, all of the time, but whilst not claiming perfection. I aim to make progress in going some way to achieving these on a daily basis ... keeps the jury on it's toes.
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