Crying in bed and searching for answers

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I agree, OwlFeathers....I had no idea I was a codie!! To me, it was just always the way I've loved people - putting their wants/needs before my own, doing whatever I thought was necessary to make them happy, even changing myself to try and be the person I 'thought' they wanted me to be!! Yes, it was a real eye-opener for me, too, and I'm very grateful to have found this site!
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I just want to thank all of you for being so honest. I haven't been honest with myself until now. I've finally admitted to myself that I am an alcoholic. Like some others I've followed here, I function just fine and appear to have a happy and fulfilling life on the outside - i live with my successful boyfriend in an amazingly beautiful house, I have a fantastic job, I drive a fancy car... but none of these things mean anything or bring any amount of happiness when I feel so empty on the inside. I was sober for 15 years while married to my ex husband. After the divorce, I found wine. Recently I realized I was turning to the bottle (or bottles on some nights) out of loneliness. My BF travels a lot for work and spends weekends at the golf course - I moved here to be with him, so I know very few people in the area and my attempts to make new friends have not been successful. I know I have other things to sort out in my life but I can't take those steps until I'm truly sober. I have a long road ahead but I am very grateful to have found this site. Not having much support personally, this forum is truly a Godsend.
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Welcome, changeisgood - glad you found us!! Yes, this site has been a lifeline for many, many people, myself included. Read around on the different forums and don't be afraid to post - everyone is here to help!!
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Originally Posted by EverHopeful721 View Post
I just joined two nights ago. I was sitting in bed, crying and searching for answers as to why the man I love and who I thought loved me, suddenly and without explanation, broke it off with me. I was researching cocaine addiction, and this was the first link I clicked on. I'm glad to be here.
I just joined 2 nights ago too and came across this site whilst crying in bed! Searching for answers as to why my recovering alcoholic/addict boyfriend has left me after 5 years together and almost 7 months of sobriety after the help and support I have given him.

It is all very fresh & raw for me still and Im still crying in bed but I am glad to be here and I am definitely going to keep coming back.

I'd love to here how your progress is going so that I can take some positivity and hope from it.
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