I don't actually remember...

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I don't actually remember...

..what brought me here, except I think I googled "Oxycodone addiction" or something like that.

I was embroiled in a 2-1/2 year addiction that began after having surgery. It's frightening how many people have this happen after legitimate use..I think the Pharma Industry loves it!

Although I wanted to get out from under the grip of Oxy, it still took another 9 months before I came to my senses and made myself go through Detox. I did it at home with no chemical help, it was pretty brutal. I made a number of bad decisions while under the influence, most of which were financial, and will take me at least another year or more to recover from.

It took some "tough love" responses to my postings to get me to see the light, but the good news is I didn't "reach bottom" in the stereotypical way. I didn't lose my job (although I somewhat foolishly retired early, a BIG hit financially), and I didn't lose my house or my possessions.

I still struggle at times, most recently due to a debilitating back injury which I was unable to cope with, without going back on Opiates for several weeks. I am now successfully tapering, something I couldn't do before.

The entire experience has been weird in so many ways. As a Boomer growing up in the late '60s, early '70's, I never felt that taking drugs recreationally was anything to worry about...I suppose because I never had a single problem walking away from anything I tried: weed, coke, LSD, speed. Didn't like alcohol much and never have drank often. I even took (weaker) opiates 1-2 days a month for severe dysmenorrhea (extremely bad menstrual cramps) without ever having any compulsion to continue nor desire to experiment recreationally with them. I guess, in the end, when I started abusing Oxy, it was because, like my other recreational use, I didn't take it seriously. I totally skirted the idea of it's physical addiction properties, and by the time I recognized what I'd done to myself, it was too late.

It will continue to be a struggle for me as I have a great deal of chronic pain if I try to do simple things like household chores. I hope that perhaps this spring as the weather improves, I can help alleviate my physical issues by getting back, really slowly, on my bicycle and trying to work towards a semblance of fitness.

Thanks for reading my long story...and good luck to everyone here.
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It's not too long and i think your story is really helpful!!

Kudos to you for putting yourself in detox. Alot of people have to be put there.

Im so glad i never found oxys as i probably would've loved them. Sorry, that sounds bad but it's true.

Exercise is a great idea. The more you do, the better you feel!!!!

Have a good one today!!
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