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Hello all

i joined this website a few days ago but was reluctant to introduce myself. Looks like I have finally decided to do it. I have foudn this site helpful in many ways, so im glad it exists.
I was on codeine for about 5 years and im still going through withdrawal, well Idont know if this is withdrawal, I just feel like leaving this world and dont feel like being in my senses, dont feel like making friends, dont feel like stepping out of the house...Its getting more and more difficult , really dont know what to do. Any opinions?
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Hi maybe21. I just this minute saw your post. I have no experience with codeine, but I'm certain others here can help you. ( Alcohol was my DOC. ) Congrats on deciding to quit. Life is simply better sober.

How are you feeling today ?
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thanks LDT, but is it normal to feel that i want to get back to codeine again and i just don care what happens next? coz those wer the best times of my life and nothing else is jus not worth it anymore
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((Maybe21)) - Welcome to SR! Never had a problem with codeine, but seriously abused other opiates and became a crack addict before finally choosing recovery.

Is it "normal" to choose your DOC (drug of choice) over just about anything? IME, yep. Did it, not proud of it, but I did. Does it mean that's the way you will ALWAYS be? Nope.

I'm going on 6 years in recovery. Though I can remember the "got to get MORE" feeling, it's also like I can't believe I was that person? Didn't get here in a day, a week or even a month. Took time, and a lot of support, a lot of which I got from here.

Soooo, what may be "normal" today, doesn't have to be normal forever....does that make sense? Hard to describe the change in words, but it's darned sure worth a try going through

Hugs and prayers,

"I'm not where I want to be, but thank God I'm not where I used to be" - Joyce Meyer

"You got what it takes you can win, today is your day to begin. - Shania Twain

(Tinker, Elvis [RIP], Patches [RIP] and Mots - Mouth Of The South)
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