Had to find others

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Had to find others

I had just come home from a family get-together which did not go very well. It was fun and all. No drama. But I have told my mom about this whole alcoholaddiction and yet she would keep pouring me wine and give me beer. The last week I had reached what I consider the lowest point of my addiction: I had been crawling around the floor looking for pills, booze, anything. Shaken every carpet, looking everything through. So yesterday with the family I was really just feeling like crap. So yeah, my mom kept giving me alcohol and talking about how it would make me feel better, that it would be the best thing to do and such.

So I realized that I'm not gonna get support from people close to me. I remembered SoberRecovery from some time ago and decided to try out it here today.. So here I am.

Hoping for the best for everyone!
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Im glad you are here. In recovery I have found new friends and family. Sometimes the ones that we love so very much and love us to...arent the right mix.
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Welcome Fatale

Yup, it's pretty much a given that friends and family are not so good at understanding this alcohol addiction thing. My mum hasn't tried to ply me with wine yet but she really does push the non alcoholic beers!

Glad you are posting here x
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It's often said...

It's often said that alcoholism is not only a family illness, butalso an illness of ignorance, extending far beyond the drinker to members of their families who can often be themselves alcoholics or,'enablers' Who in their misguided attempts to help and support the drinker, unwittingly add to the problem.

Nice to see your here, I hope what this site has to offer, serves you well...
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