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'Power without responsibility'

Perhaps through the events of the past few years involving my passagefrom being an ,'alcoholic' to a ,'recovering alcoholic', when my alcoholism was taken from me on the 5th Feb.,2008 I had never heard of this and it certainly had never applied to any of my various careers, drinking or not, in fact it would have been seen , not only by others but myself as a very irresponsible and at times downright dangerous attitude on most occasions.

It first came to my notice on a popular medical drama tv show only the other night whose storyline involved a professional medical ,'guinea pig' who not only provided a constant,'blog?' to those who subscribed to his website but insisted that he wasn't to be anethasised whilst undergoing an operation. I must admit I'm not familiar with facebook, blogs, twitter et al, I am familiar with alcoholism, and recovery, though not perfect,we aim for spiritual progress not perfection, right? None of the latter, especially in ,'recovery' involves ,'power without responsibility' in fact, to me it is , thankfully the very opposite!

I think then, now at 64 and whilst not yet old enough to be wise, albeit T.E.Lawrence suggestedthis meant,'tired and disappointed',as he died at a relatively early age, how did he know? I am old enought to be philosophical and much prefer to be involved with SRC where members of all stature I'm sure find this statement and it's effect on people in society not only unwelcome but abhorrent.

It's not for the first time I've said to myself I'm glad I'm a recovering alcoholic, at least there is a sense of understanding, structure and purpose to my life, that certainly didn't exist in my drinking days and since finding and becoming a member of this site, a life which is greatly enhanced! Thank you, Mike W.
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16 years sobriety Dec 23

It was suggested to me that I celebrate my years of sobriety each year to demonstrate to others that AA works. I do want to do that, but hesitate each year because I know that I am egotistical. I too much enjoy the attention, but I am much more this year understanding and feeling the power of step 12 that teaches me to reach out to others who need AA. In my story I share that I could have celebrated 26 years this year but cannot do so if I intend to be honest which I do, indeed. You see, 11 years ago I made the conscious decision to overdose on a mind-altering drug. I, at the time, and for 9 years, felt that it was not a slip because I over-dosed on a medication that my doctor prescribed for me. Today, when I am honest I admit that I was aware that this medication was and is mind-altering and therefore I made the conscious choice to use, therefore I needed to change my sobriety date. In the last two years I have been very serious about working the steps and attending many more AA meetings than I had in the previous several years. I have sponsored two people in the past two years. One went back out and the other has decided to have nothing to do with me because I found it necessary to inform him that I was working harder than he was when I called him more than he called me. What is my theme? Continued day by day recovery. quietdawn
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