My third Christmas.

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My third Christmas.

Today marks the 3rd Christmas spent in sobriety and even though this day I will be on my own, with a visit from my son, his partner and my new grandson, all of 4 months old, it will be a good day.

To tell the truth, I can barely remember the first two, spent in a similar fashion, for living something of a nomadic life, my 5th home in 7 years when I arrived here in June 2007, after my alcoholism was taken from me in February, 2008, there was still a long road to travel to restore my health, not assisted by the ,'viscitudes' of aging, I'm now 64, but also to get some balance and clarity in my life.

So in 2008, I was just going through the motions, I didn't know how , in sobriety to celebrate Christmas, crazy, but true and I'm sure not unfamiliar to many.

2009, saw me a little better, still unsure, my mother died in August that year, but it all happened very quickly, in peace and without pain, something I'd prayed to the god of my understanding for, and I was at least sober. The little, artificial, dressed Christmas tree she'd bought me on one of our weekly shopping expeditions a few years earlier, shone brightly that year!

This years better, although her memory burns brightly the flame is enhanced by the arrival of my grandson, born almost a year to the day of her passing and due to pay me his first visit tomorrow, I'm told he might bring his parents along to. So today, Christmas morning I awoke after a fitful sleep, my modest flat is clean and tidy, the day will pass quietly, there'll be no presents, albeit I bought my first mobile (cell) 'phone and splashed out on some new clothes,in recent days, which in truth I wouldn't have had either thought of or the money to when I was drinking. Who needs clothes,cell 'phones and a decent , clean place to live when there's alcohol to be drunk, right?

As I let the day unfold, these two events will calm my mind and comfort me providing a warmth that contains the clarity and balance that expresses the sheer joy I have found in my sobriety. Merry Christmas everyone! Mike W.
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(((Mike))) - Merry Christmas!!

This is my 3rd clean Christmas, too. My mom died in 1991, but her memory is still strong, and I just went to Christmas eve candlelight service at my church, where she used to play piano and sing in the choir.

We are giving ourselves the greatest gift there is...being clean and sober. Thanks for a great post!

Hugs and prayers,

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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Happy Christmas to you and your loved ones
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Thank you both for your responses.

Thank you both for your responses, very kind of you, loved the cats, sadly and ironically both mine passed away within days of my moving here although they were a great age , miss the m tho', anyway take care and have a great day!
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