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"There is light, at the end of the tunnel"

This past Valentines Day I celebrated 11 years clean and sober. I did it one day at a time. If a guy like me can do it I think anyone can. I was homeless and all I had to show for myself was the shirt on my back. For me I had to keep it simple,......and keep an open mind. This AA stuff was like Chinese to me but I kept coming back and something happened,...the fog got thinner and I started to understand some of it. I convinced myself 100% that alcohol was no longer an option for me (if I drink or use I will die) and I was willing to go to any lengths to learn how to live. I changed everything,..the type of people I hang with,...the type of work I did,...and the places I went to. Changing my life wasn't easy,...the first year was a roller-coaster,.........bottom line drugs or booze weren't an option for me.
Sometimes all I did was rant and rave at meetings but there was always someone there who knew what to say to me. Sometimes I needed to be told to shut up and go make the coffee, I did.(it kept me sober) That gentlemen I still run into from time to time and we have a good laugh about how I was. No matter what I didn't pick up and I went to meetings alot. The first year or so I hit a meeting every day,...I also volunteered my spare time. I remember a time I wound up going to jail because I refused to do community service, I was doing it because it kept me clean. Recovery saved my life,....and I wish everyone another 24.

The secret is,................."One day at a time"
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