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Old 10-15-2008, 04:12 PM   #41 (permalink)
Sober 6/5/2008
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Do I miss getting loaded?

No. Not really.

What I DO miss are all the opportunities I passed up and all the life's blessings I squandered because getting lit was number one.

While I do sometimes briefly miss the comfort of oblivion as I survey the wasteland of my life, I realize it was my practice of daily oblivion that created and maintained that desert.

One day my life might bloom again. Maybe. If I'm good and I'm lucky. And the only way to get that skilled is to never pick up again. Ever.
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I got nothin'
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I love getting loaded.

...but I don't like the long term consequences (and there are a ton...physical, mental, personal, and social.)

If getting loaded is all I do (and that's been my history for a few years), there's nothing else left. Depressing...

There are other ways I can have fun (and enrich my life).
A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.
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Black and Yellow
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Originally Posted by windysan View Post
Step 1 - Don't do dope
Step 2 - See Step 1
Discovered Sobriety 6/7/08.

Missin' my SlvrMag
July, 2005 to July, 2008
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are we being honest here?
hell YES !!!!1
i have a pill staring at me right this second
if i took it i could get my laundry done, i could get my art finished for the flea market this weekend....
i could get my house cleaned...walk my puppy and play with him
i could eat....quit pooping until my butthole bleeds

but it's onoly been 5 days....and i'm going to just keep praying and give it to God
each day is better than the last
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Nope! I love my life today! It aint perfect but it sure beats getting high, killing myself! When I see people still suffering I thank god for snatching me up and pray that those people come too......
How can you LOVE someone when YOU dont love YOURSELF?!
Start LOVING YOU & love will be waiting!!
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In 4 days I will have 9 months clean and be picking up my yellow keytag. I can honestly say I do miss getting high at times.

However, looking at all I have accomplished being clean w/out the use of drugs, I really like the changes I have seen. I am looking forward to employment, I have taken over helping out with the finances, I have continued with my daily running of the house and keeping us above water w/out too much chaos... I have met clean and sober ppl and reached to help others as well. I also do not buy endless selfish purchases of feel good things I don't need. I also keep my appointments now without rescheduling numerous times. LOL I am way more dependable in many ways, and my attitude has changed. I am easier to get along with and am outgoing again w/out the use of false friendly opitates.

Yes, a lot of positive changes and more to come I am sure! It is worth it!

blessings, Sheila
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I don’t miss getting wasted and blacking out; I do miss drinking a glass of wine though. I can feel it when I smell it and see it. Is it worth it? No – if I could have one glass and move on (you know ‘normal’), but I can’t, so I don’t. My bad night(s) was 6 months ago and it is far too vivid (well, blurry – but vividly blurry) to go back and chance it. I don’t miss hangovers, lying, wasted weekends, deciphering the night before….. I do get validation for my decision when I witness others and their drunken behavior and their deciphering of the night before – then I’m very happy and grateful I was able to hold strong!
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Old 11-28-2008, 05:54 PM   #48 (permalink)

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I finally saw the light after 4 1/2 years of using many different drugs...
Do i miss getting loaded???.... Diffentley not! It was hard at first but now it just comes easier than i could ever ask for... I love it!
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OMG everything's real
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Yes, like the deserts miss the rain!
happily addicted to sugar, caffeine and horses
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I miss the ease and comfort that came at one point in the process of doing the shots.....but not the realizing i'de passed up the mark and was on my way to being sullen again.
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