Glossary of Recovery Terms

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Red face Confused

can u tell me if the word drug addict means that a person is still using and the word addict means that the person stoppd, plz tell me is this true?
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Hi, Ojos Tristes;

There is a philosophical difference in meanings with the words you address. Many think that once a drug addict, one is always a drug addict. They may be in recovery, but, they are a drug addict in recovery, if that's the case.

Others fully believe that a person recovers from addiction, and they are no longer a drug addict.

The word addict simply refers to the addiction to which ever substance is in mind -- from heroin to tobacco to food. An addict is the person with an addiction.

I honestly hope this helps.
Why not come over to the friends and family of substance abusers forum for some more information. I'm assuming, by your question, that you have a loved one who's abusing substances. And I can assure you, it CAN get better.

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MaryAnn100 (07-18-2010)
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Updated URL

Originally Posted by dalin View Post
a link to the addictionary
This has been updated.

Since this only my second post I cannot post the old site or the new site.
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Hey, historyteach, I'm an English/theatre teach...and your definitions helped a lot!
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Glad you like it, SSN!
I'd forgotten all about this thread! LOL!

And Elseegee,
Thanks for the info on the update!

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Ok, I don't know about the "Character Defects" portion.

I would probably have worded things a little differently.

Feel free to DM or PM me on the specifics.
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I like your sense of humor teach. Does anybody remember laughter? Cool glossary.
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Excellent list. Thank You (although I had heard a different definition for F.U.B.A.R.)
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i liked reading F.U.B.A.R.
glad to hear i can use it as fixed up beyond all recognition
instead of ****** up beyond all recognition!
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Could we have a definition?

Could we have a definition of the term,'real alcoholic' in the first line of Chapter 3 of ,'Alcoholics Anonymous', whilst the chapter goes on to describe such a person, itdoesn't actually define it?

I understand it to mean someone like me who is born with a genetic dispsition so that when alcohol is introduced into my body,the enzymes, in the digestive system don't break down the carbohydrates, (alcohol) at the same rate as a ,'normal' social drinker, about 1oz per hour, so that the alcohol (drug) remains in the body for a much longer period.

The effect of this, like any drug is that messages are sent to the brain demanding more of the same! Which once introduced into the body simply adds to the problem in the digestive system, creating an addictive,dependent effect, leading to all the misery of alcoholism.

I think this is what in ,'The Doctors Opinion, , Dr. Silkworth meant when he was referring to a ,'physical allergy', the cure being found in as ,'psychic experience' or ,'spiritual experience/education'.
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Good to read all the wonderful information I had forgotten since my last go at sobriety. Its been a few years, 20 to be exact, but somehow it feels like coming home!!! Thanks everyone for your love and support!
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Wonderful post. Thanks for posting this post. I just joined this site and came across this thread. excellent and well balanced definitions!!
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'real alcohoic'

The term, 'real alcoholic. is first used in the opening line of Chapter 3, of'Alcoholics Anonymous' 4th Ed.

Whilst the chapter goes on to describe the actions and behaviour of those, described as 'real alcoholics', from which much can be inferred...

Nowhere does it define the term ,'real alcoholic' which no doubt does, given the passage of time from then to the present day, exist?
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Oh my goodness, I'm a "codie"!?!

Well, I guess it's time I stop being one.

Also, I think I'm going thru PAWS cause I got those symptoms you listed.

Thank you for this valuable information!!!!
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It sincerely bugs me that addiction is labeled a disease by so many when no scientific evidence, not even the slightest observation, exists to prove so. There are recessive traits that can re-appear in family lines, but overall it is mostly random. It's just, I only hear people say addiction is a disease, I never see evidence. That's all that bugs me.

In recovery, I don't want to lie to myself, I want to be honest. If I cant observe a trend that suggests addiction being real, I feel like I'm lying to myself and I can't do that. I can't cheat my sobriety that way, it just wouldn't seem fair to me to 'accept defeat'.

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SoberRecovery Content

Hey all, this thread is awesome! If you're interested, SoberRecovery actually has an article with just a few of these "vocabulary" words in addiction and recovery:

Vocabulary 101: Definition of Most-Used Recovery Terms.

Hopefully it's helpful to have them all in one place to share or bookmark.

Thanks for being an inspiration!
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hi all
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Hi oenkab - welcome

this isn't a particularly active thread - why not start your own thread to introduce yourself?

We'd love to see you at the Newcomers forum
Newcomers to Recovery - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction Help and Information

There's a big blue new thread button at the top left of the page...just click that and start your own thread

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I'm all about knowing what a word means if we don't know what a word means we don't know what we're talking about we can't make a point the message which can hold these alcoholic people must have depth and weight actually chapter 7 is an entire chapter on how to be a sponsor on page 263 it refers to I hope every AA could have the sponsorship that dr. Bob gave me it was called carrying the finding a new prospect of running a pigeon on your second visit if he has read this volume and is prepared to go through with the 12 steps mentioned in this book you can give him much practical advice the word fellowship refers to the group a group of people gathered together with a common problem searching for solution program a set of principles that we can follow the 12 steps we have to be careful with definitions though reminding ourselves the book was written in 1938 definitions where a lot different then than they are now grateful animotion feeling of happiness gratitude adverb the action taken showing the emotion of happiness I am grateful for... For instance the word trudge the definition today to walk heavily and slowly struggling the definition for the word trudge in 1938 to walk upright with purpose happily so we have to be careful of what definitions we find if we used the 2015 definition for words and apply it to the book Alcoholics Anonymous you are interpret an entirely different book the book was written in 1938 there's definitions will give the true meaning of the book just saying love this website or post whatever this is called a thread understanding what a word means can save a life
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Hi FriendofBill.

If you break your posts up into sentences, they'd be a lot easier to read

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least (11-12-2015)

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