Losing it all...

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Losing it all...

Losing it all, my marriage, the house, most possibly the kids if I can't keep it together. I went to an interview this morning and I did ok but when I got home I got a letter regarding the last interview and it was a turndown letter. So, I'm sorta stressing mixed with depression thinking of a shot right about now. No, a bottle of something sounds better. I can't do it... just not enough experience suppose, can't get a decent job... I can't do this anymore.. I can only let my husband know that I tried hope we can hang on for awhile cause we can't afford the house now. We could sell it but the market is'nt doing too well anymore. Were done... i'm done with it all.
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Hi Pepsi,

If you can, try to keep it in perspective. It was a turndown for a job, but not more than that. Is it possible to move, even if you take a loss and buy a less expensive place or rent for awhile, if you need to?

As long as you stay sober you'll be able to find the job you need. If you drink it'll never happen. Hang in there!
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Pepsi, something I have found is that when I get turned down for a job, something even better comes along.

Your life may be difficult right now, financially and filled with stress, but your sobriety is worth more than any job, any house, anything in the world, because it's your life, your hopes and your dreams that have yet to come true.

Hang in there, you are soooo worth it.

Hugs and prayers,
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Take a deep breath sweetie ... sometimes life seems overwhelming and it's sooo hard to see the silver lining. Trying to solve all your problems at once will just weigh you down, so what small thing can you do today to make your life better? Keep the faith and believe in yourself ... a job will come along and you can do this.

hugs and prayers to you,

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I had no chance of keeping a job unless I stayed sober.
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Psalm 118:24
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drinking isn't a solution.

You praying?

When, I'm down to nothing, I get on my knees. Write a gratitude list. Hard to think of that at a time like you're going thru.

Never surrender, never give up



God has a toll free number
You can call Him night or day,
The only requirement is bended knees
To Call him

His line is never busy.
It's open 24 hours a day.
There's no charge for His compassion,
To call him

He won't keep you waiting
Or hanging on the line
And when you go to Him in prayer,
He's always right on time.

He never takes vacations
Not even for one day
He waits for us to call on Him,

He's always there to lend an ear
For our problems great or small
He's more than glad to talk with us,
When we make His toll free call.
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