A Prayer For Those Who Still Struggle

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A Prayer For Those Who Still Struggle

Well, my ex is back after it again.
After over two years he's back in the dark place.
And it's looking like it's gonna get worse before it gets better.
This doesn't affect me much.
But it's going to have a big effect on my boy.
I'm afraid he's looking at not seeing his Dad for a long time.
So my prayers go out for all that are still struggling.
And for their kids.
Shed a little light, oh Lord.
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I say that prayer for them every day Gabe. *hugs*
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My prayers are always there...for you, ex, and your son.
Your son, he'll be okay. It's not easy, by any means, but he has an exceptional mom to help him through.
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My prayers go out too Gabe, for your ex and all the addicts who still suffer and a special prayer for your boy, the innocent in all this. God Bless the Child.

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Gabe, There isn't a day that goes by that I don't remember where I came from. Thanks for reminding me to pray that others find where I am. Hey, even if one has trouble with HP, they should at least consider themself pretty darn lucky. Even a bookie wouldn't take the odds we beat. Don W
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Sending my prayers out to you,your son and your ex.And also all the other addicts still suffering.
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I hate to hear it Gabe. Prayers for them both.
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