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I had this strange nightmare on Saturday night. Not so much the topic but, the continuation. I woke up about 6 times and each time I fell back asleep I went right back where I'd left off. One of my nephews and brother got in a big fight. Somebody got killed and my brother was on trial for murder. My nephew had the information that would free my brother. However, because he was mad at him he refused to testify. We argued all the way up until my brother was put to death. By 4:30am I got up. Afraid to go back to sleep.
Have any opf you been able to go back into the same dream so many times?
My wife also asked because some of the arguments became heated. I kicked her and almost push her out of bed. Now who wants to share a room in NYC? Really, this makes us both afraid. I've heard second hand about people in prison and not knowing they killed until told and worse not even remembering they did it. Thank God they are few and far between these days. Why this must happen just a few day till I see my VA doctor. In the morning I see him.
I suppose I should tell him, although I'm sure it will keep me on the Paxil.
Don W
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you could try staying up after you awake!
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Originally Posted by escape artist
you could try staying up after you awake!
Yeah right...if it were only that simple.

Don I think you already know that I have terrible nightmares, that I have learned are more accurately night terrors, and they have cost me a lot of sleep over the years, not to mention a lot of sweat and tears.

My sympathy for you if these are happening often, it's just not a good way for a person to get their beauty sleep. Something that I have found helpful is to turn on the lights, set my radio on some good music for about a half hour, then try to go back to sleep listening to the music. This helps me not return to the same nightmare.

Definitely tell your doctor.

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Thanks, I feel better. I'm trying to change my perspective of these nightmares. Sometimes I still can't help but look at things like this a punishment. I don't have much time but, I'm trying to change it into a learning experence or maybe a reminder of the otherside I've recovering from. I'll let you know more but, it's along the lines of me strating to think I'm well. You see, I'm the type of person they mean when the doctor says, take the whole prescription even if you start to feel better. Maybe my recovery is the same. When I reduce my prescription for recovery I get the nightmares as reminders. Don W
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I feel ya Don. I have nightmares too.Alot of times they are the same one over and over. I do what Ann suggested above. I get up for awhile and let my mind calm down.Distraction, drinking some warm tea. Prayer, if you are so inclined. I like that you put a positive spin on it.

Bless you Don.

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I get nightmares too at times. Usually when I am stressed out. OR, if I am put on a new medication or if I eat certain foods. The chemical reaction from meds and certain foods can trigger vivid dreams.

When I tried to quit smoking the and used the patch, I had some doozies. I also had strange dreams when I was on Paxil. But, if it's working for you otherwise, stick with it. The tradeoff is worth it.

Think about anything you did differently yesterday. Maybe there's something there.
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