never had faith

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slowing it down a notch......
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never had faith

I am reading a book that is showing me how to be spiritual and to let god into my life. I never resisted a higher power...I just always doubted. I am learning and I am letting a higher power take over and I am forming a relationship with god...I truly for once can feel it.
I never knew what it meant to surrender...I never knew what it felt like to have a god, I always felt like I "didnt get it" . I never knew of the presence of something bigger than myself, I just felt nothing.
I dont want to sound strange because i have never been a super religious person...almost borderline athiest, but I can really feel a difference in myself since i have started learning about god and what I am here on this earth for.
It is all kinda bizarre to me right now.

It is almost like I let someone else take over the steering wheel and before I knew it...I was sitting in the passenger seat cruising along, with a calmness and a different view.

I feel like god is embracing me and I am for once in my life holding on with all I have.

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Bless you!
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thanks for posting this XP,

that really made me feel good... all tingley!
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He is awsome all right. Does feel wonderful doesn't it.

Keep that hold and you will never go wrong.
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Choosing Life
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Great stuff xPG

And this is just a beginning... imagine what's to come !!.

much love
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good Xparty

undefined thats a wonderful post X. I too have never been a religious person. borderline athiest for a long time. I think i am starting to find God. Iknow that right now i do need God's help in a lot of aspects in my life. My relationships, my addictions and just what exactly i am here for. I hope your journey does take you to onderful places! I just don't know what i need to do to let him completely into my life. I have prayed to God a lot of late, it's odd that I feel sad that i only do it when i need it, and only for selfish reasons.... i hope one days soon i'll feel the love that everone talks of. Sometimes when i pray i do feel a tingle, an excitement. I hope God helps me, helps me save things with the woman i love, first and foremost.
thanks for the post , it was wonderful
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Good topic! And we just made up a new forum to express and search out your own understanding(s) of faith, and a Higher Power.

Have a look, its brand new, so there isn't much in there yet.

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