What Recovery Looks Like To Me

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What Recovery Looks Like To Me

I hope to find happiness in doing the right thing. Not what oxymoron politics, or a insane society deem appropriate but what I know to be the right thing. I have many many wrongs to right and people to repay.
I owe myself a long lasting dose of what some of you call serenity. I will be happy working a warehouse job and paying rent rather than panhandling, drinking and drugging and living on the streets. My past is slowly going to turn to another time rather than in my minds current state and I know I will change for the better and my anxiety will continue to improve. I will have a New "sober" girlfriend I truly care about. New sober friend. Hopefully do vocals in a hardcore punk/oi! band. A child is definately an unknown at this point in time. Im just out of self destruct mode. I am going to do this in time to rebuild a relationship with my father and I will try to find my mother and her young son who basically disowned me and disappeared years ago because I was out of control...really out of control. This ran away most of the people in my life. I am going to get back into writing and publish a book. I will enjoy the rest of my life without drugs and alcohol. Peace of mind. Serenity, if such a thing exists.
A job, a place, loyal friends, a loyal girlfriend, a punk band, rebuilt relationships, authoring a book, serenity.
At this point in very early recovery, this is what I see as my future - and when i complete these things I have more things I need to do.
But no matter the hard times to come (which will never compare to my past) I will stay clean and sober and attempt to live "doing the right thing" - from my heart.
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