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Redmayne 01-16-2020 08:24 AM

The Soul's Cry...
The following drawn from Sharon Lebell's excellent book,'The Art of Living' which is her translation of the works and teachings of Epictetus, page 83 the title this of this thread. The last para.

' When the soul cries out it is a sign that we have arrived at a necessary mature stage of self reflection. The secret is not to get stuck there dithering and wringing your hands, but to move forward resolving to heal yourself. Philosophy asks us to move into courage. Its remedy is the unblinking excavation of the faulty and specious premises on which we base our lives and our personal identity.'

Obviously I can't speak for others but the first stage for me in my recovery came when I resolved and had the courage to recognise and admit I suffered from alcoholism.

ZIP 01-22-2020 09:57 PM

Indeed. I think it's difficult for many to reach the Acceptance stage. For me, it took many years until I received the spiritual kick in the pants I needed.
I got much needed help and no longer drink...period. And, the best part is I'm good with that.

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