add/adhd and alcoholsim

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add/adhd and alcoholsim

anyone here suffer from this combo? have any info on it? I picked up a book about it and so much of it made sense. Share, please!! :heart

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Re: add/adhd and alcoholsim

Hi day,

While I don't have any experience to share with you of my own, I asked Morning Glory, (one of our admin's) if she had any info on it, and she came up with this for you.

I hope you get something from it and feel free to talk about it as much as you feel comfortable with.

You will certainly get a lot of support, and understanding.
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Re: add/adhd and alcoholsim

You need woodtick/Brent! He could probably help you out more than I can. My diagnosis of ADHD is somewhat in question at this point. And my drug of choice was not alcohol although I still consider myself an alcoholic.

I don't know what you really want to know, but I know that I used alcohol and opiates to improve my concentration. In other words, a lot of my addiction was about self-medicating my ADD. And the stuff worked, but for some reason I always ended up drinking/using more than I "needed" to get my focus. Imagine that! LOL

Love, Eddie
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Do not add alcohol
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Re: add/adhd and alcoholsim

Yup, that would pertain to me. My experience is that the ADD has often times made me look stupid or spaced-out to other people depending on how it is affecting me at a particular time. This has brought down my self confidence/immage over the years and contributed to my depression. For me, I only get the urge to drink when I'm very depressed but I've heard of people who drank to medicate symptoms of ADD. I noticed that on my first drink or three I would have a period where I would have a lot better focus and a sense of calm. It would only last for maybe an hour or so if I didn't keep drinking. Usually it wouldn't last very long due to excessive consumption.

I remember reading some stuff on this when I was first diagnosed. Aparently some people even smoke weed to medicate the effects of ADD. It kinda slows you down if you didn't know that already. Hummmm, maybe that's why my brother smokes it on a daily basis?

Anyway there are several ADD/ADHD dedicated websites out there where you could probably find more info, I don't recall what the doctors say about it anymore. It's been many moons since I had been trying to learn about it. I hope I helped.
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