Caved at 59 days!

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Ha Ha, charade you are!
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Caved at 59 days!

Well guys, hate to say it but I was hell-bent on getting trashed saturday. It was an awful week and I had been struggling, but I gave into my anger and tied one on. So, here it is, day#2 AGAIN. I am disappointed in myself but not beating myself up too badly. I am going to my homegroup meeting and make contact with my sponsor-which I should have done in the first place.

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Congrads on day 2!!!

90 meetings in 90 days? and all you can do is get up, dust off and start again... welcome back.
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I'm glad you're here Melissa and you can get through this.

Do you have a plan on how to deal with your anger the next time?
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Ha Ha, charade you are!
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Anna, I know I could use some exercise to diffuse some of this stress. I also did not meditate for a few days and I got wiggy.
I should stop giving others "free rent" in my head huh??!!
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ah free rent...
and throw out some marbles too
put the the wip away..unless you like wip
and no poor me, poor me, pour me a drink either.

oki doki....put the halo away

a halo is what angels wear over thier heads.
a halo is also a space riffle use in a vedio game
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SaTiT hit it on the head..............


Watch out for the HALT's..

I'm proud of you for jumpting right back into your

meetings...don't ever let that phone get too heavy

to call the ol' sponsor..

Halo's.....none here.

Your friend,

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Welcome back,


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Hi Melissa,
dunno if we've 'met' before, but I've seen you around and enjoy your posts...great to see you're right back up on the horse...and free rent...kick the bums out !

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Don't look back, stay in the present you're sober now and that's what matters. Congratulations on your sober time, 2 days rock!

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Hey, it's OK. You're doing the right things by coming here and posting, going to your homegroup, and getting in touch with your sponsor. That time you had sober is still yours. You are doing the right thing.
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Smile Good start

No one can take away that 59 days' clean. Every period of sobriety gets you closer to freedom. 59 days out of 60 sober is nothing to be ashamed of. Kepep going!
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let it grow!
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don't lose hope, bee. you can do this, k
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I agree with higherfi2. I had 76 days, 45 days, 35 days, etc. I just wish that I would have recognized it and acted on it so that I wouldn't have binged. 59 days clean, 1 screw up and then back on!!!

Either way, I'm on day 2 now as well. Good Luck.
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How are you today? I wish you a happy sober day.

hugs indigo
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