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Dungeons & Dragons and tabletop RPGs

Been playing since 1981 off and on.

After getting clean and taking time off from everything, it's a bit tough to find folks to game with that aren't having a few at the table. I've played online games (as in play by post D&D), but not for a while. There are "live" ones but I haven't tried that yet.

Surely there have to be some clean and sober gamers out there. (OK, tabletop gamers are kind of rare, and sober ones even more so...)
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Want to form an alliance? :.)
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Jesus... Nobody responded!? Where's the world coming to!

Been playing since around...1990 (since 2nd Ed.). I should be more honest: I wasn't really "playing" back then but rather, just looking at the monster manuals. (We'll pretend that counts, mkay?)

That being said, the first serious game I played was a few years afterward when a 2nd cousin of mine brought over a Ravenloft campaign to get our feet wet with. It was a blast! Ever since then, I've been a major Forgotten Realms fan, despite having a bitter taste with what they've done to it for the past X number of years now. Haven't played in a long time, mostly because I too just lack people to play with but I think your reasons are different from mine: most people that play D&D where I live are just flat-out annoying. They can't avoid random tangents, they turn getting sidetracked into an art, they become pedantic toward rules or avoid the rules at all costs...
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I play RPGs too. My favorite is Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1st ed.
I also tried a bit of D&D, Call of Cthulhu and a few others.
ALso have a bunch of games on my shelves I never got around to play.
Seems harder to get a group going now that I am older and most of my geek friends have families and careers to maintain.
I mostly games as a teenager - before booze took over my life - but I have been getting a bit into it again lately, played some d&d this spring and enjoyed it a lot
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Is mead for the sons of men:
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Want to form an alliance? :.)
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I loved reading about the Planes. My favorite campaign setting is Forgotten Realms (before the Spellplague stuff).
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I'm from the Friends & Family side but I'm a long-time D&D-devotee, been playing for over thirty years now. Very much enjoying 5th edition.
Don't let what you can't control get in the way of what you can.
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Playing in the Solution

Hi all! I play 5e Math/Pathfinder (card and tabletop RPG) Dungeon World, Baldersgate, DCC. Any sober/clean players in the Baltimore area? Hard to find!
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