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Mystery solved: see who's in charge of "[email protected]"?

The original problem was my real name would have been revealed if I had participated in Sober Recovery discussions that were sent to me by email. The discussions were handled by a social media information gathering organization called DISQUS that handles discussions for various other groups, including sports, hobbies, religion, ethics, politics, finances, and whatever, and anything someone writes at any one of these places is completely transparent at any and all of these other places under their real name! If Joe Blow writes something at the politics site, it is posted at all the other sites where DISQUS handles the comments sections under Joe Blow's real name. See the problem? Often, what people write at these places is also posted at facebook and twitter without their knowledge, which to me is highly unethical and immoral in many cases (welcome to "1984", but I digress). My concern, and what I wanted to find out, is why the Sober Recovery articles sent to me required that I participate in the alcohol and addiction discussions using my real name, without any choice, or not participate at all. This is contradictory to participating at this site where using a made up name of your own choice to maintain anonymity is allowed. Why the email participation requires one's real name, while here, anonymity is much preferred, if not prudent good sense?

By coincidence, when I opened an email at my email website from Sober Recovery with one of their pretty good essays on recovery, I just happened to be signed in over here as well, and when I got down to the bottom of the article where readers can comment, I saw that I was pre-logged in as "Lautca" on DISQUS instead of my real name! To verify that, I came over here and logged out and then went back and closed the tab over there I had opened from my email, and then I re-opened it again, and I saw I was pre-logged in under my real name on DISQUS. So, I closed it again, came back over here to Sober Recovery and signed in again. Then I went back to my email and opened a new tab over there, and I was pre-logged in over there as "Lautca" once again. So, that meant tracking cookies are involved.

I suppose this information about having to be concurrently signed in over here if you want to participate at a Sober Recovery email newsletter discussion using DISQUS under your anonymous Sober Recovery name so your alcohol history isn't inadvertently (?) made known on facebook, twitter, and wherever else you hang out, might be around somewhere, but if it is, it sure isn't in plain sight.

I hope this helps someone else, because I was sure disappointed when I discovered I couldn't participate in the Sober Recovery email newsletter article discussions without being forced to use my real name until I discovered being concurrently signed in over here prevented revealing my real name.

There is more information about DISQUS at wikipedia, including that using anonymous names is no protection against DISQUS revealing our actual identities when we participate at DISQUS sites because JavaScript widgets are used that track our computers wherever we go on the internet, and anonymous names, like my using "Lautca" apparently are little to no protection when it comes to anonymity. It may say "Lautca" at the Sober Recover newsletter discussion when I talk about my opinions and thoughts on alcohol recovery, but when DISQUS posts it on facebook without my knowledge, it could be under my real name! I just don't want the whole world to know my past history with alcohol, and it seems DISQUS just doesn't have any guarantees about not revealing that.
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Thanks Lautca

yes as I understand from what Emily 430 said in your other thread there's no danger of anonymity being broken if you comment via (this) SR site rather thn via the email newsletter.

Originally Posted by emily430 View Post

I work with the website owners. You do not have to link your Facebook or provide any other identifying information to use Disqus. You can login using the same information you've been using to access the forum.

Here's an image that shows the button to log in using your SR account:

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Thanks, Dee74! Good enough!
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Dee74 (02-23-2020)

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