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detox and blowout diarrhea

Sorry to be graphic.......I am getting ready to detox from vicodin....I have been following everyone's advice and the last couple of days I've been getting my environment clean and relaxing, getting books/magazines/music/etc. ready. OK, this time last year I had to have 3 feet of my intestine removed. Because of that, I already have problems with diarrhea. The vicodin actually helps that problem b/c it constipates most people, but in my case it just makes me "normal". Every time I have tried to stop taking it I literally cannot leave the bathroom. I have tried everything.....mass quantities of Immodium A/D super-heavy-duty advanced power does not even work. Anyone else have this problem or have any advice on what to do or take for it? I am dreading it and would be grateful for any input. Again, sorry to be discussing something such as this.
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hi. i just posted on your other thread a min ago. you can check that out. as for the stomach problems, it's unavoidable. if the immodium doesn't work, you will need to see a doc. i think that's best anyway, given the circumstances, it sounds like a do-it-yourself detox could be dangerous. I don't usually reccomend methadone, because for me it has been the devil. but maybe you could look into a 30 day detox (it's outpatient), doesn't cost much. but if you do decide to do a methadone detox, PLEASE do not stay longer than 30 days. My decision to go on methadone maintainence was the worst mistake of my life. but for others, it has been a godsend. (so they say). The first time i went on the meth i did a 90 day detox, and when finished had NO withdrawls at all. life was great, untill idecided to get high again, and so the story goes. good luck no matter which road you choose. Even though i just mentioned methadone, i strongly advise against it. Bottom line, talk to a doc to find the best solution for you. i hope my contradictive rambling here has helped in some way...
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You know what, completely disregard that last part suggesting methadone. I hate it. it's been my hell. worse than dope and i wouldn't wish it on anyone. Just my opinion. sorry i even brought it up.

keep us posted and let us know how oyu're doing.
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try K-O- pectate I couldnt spell that if my life depended on it Thats what we give to detox clients- also have some pedialyte on hand to replenish the fluids you will most likely lose. Gatorade is good to but do not get dehydrated as this will make things alot worse. Good luck and god bless
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Having had, uh, bathroom issues myself, I was advised to drink lots 'o fluids (water, Gatorade) and to try something called the BRAT diet to firm things up down there:

Bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast.

If you keep on posting, I hope you're using a laptop!
Oh, yeah!!!

Recovery is not a mysterious process. The only mystery is why it took some of us so long to get here... and why some choose not to stay.
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The best bet is to see your Dr. You already have an underlying condition - the intestinal damage. I wouldn't risk it.
When I got dope sick, I too lived in the bathroom, either in the tub or on the toilet.
Especially if you are coming off a relatively low dosage of opiates < 120mgs a day.
Immodium works because it is chemically similar to opiates. It is actually one off from being an opiate. But it binds the same way, which stops you up. I had a pretty regular routine with it, taking it a day before I would get sick, and continue until I knew I could get more.
So if that is not working, I would definetely see your Dr., especially with your other condition.
I also know a buddy who was addicted to Tussin and had some of his intestines taken out since he drank so much. He now has to be careful with what he eats, as well as what medication he takes.
Be careful and seek help before something else crops up.
Also, be sure to take in a lot of electrolytes. I would usually drink gatorade, slim-fast, and take vitamins because I was too sick to eat, and had the runs so bad. It REALLY can clean your system out quick when you have the runs. Eating better, sooner, will help to get through the malaise.
Hope you seek help and feel better,
Chad H.

Skylar's retraction was a great thing. In my humble opinion, sub/bup and methadone should be saved for severe cases, and Rxed on a case by case basis. The bottom line is everyone will eventually have to be detoxed off them as well.
And methadone withdrawal is insane. Although of course, when I got on it, I thought, I just won't take it as long, or as much as those guys who keep saying how bad it is...that of course didn't work.
I then tried suboxone and that didn't work. Trying the "easier, softer, way" from the other program.
In the end I had to detox off of them both, then the dope, then the pills when I finally got clean.
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(All comments are not those of Narcotics Anonymous - just what has worked, in my recovery)
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See a doctor.
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You're never alone!!
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Hey Para,

My uncle had a similiar surgery due to some bowel disease or something.
It's definately something you will want to talk to you doctor about..
It's to had for us to relly say since we aren't docs.
I do know that my uncle does go to the bathroom soon after he eats. But,
he is so happy that he is no longer in that pain he had always been in, that the trade off is ok with him..
Your doctor should be able though to help you deal with this..

So, do you have a day picked that you are going to begin withdrawal? You be sure to
let us know, then stick with us, and get alot of support here, while you are going through it. I know that I also have spent time between the toilet and the tub every time I did a detox at home. So don't be at all suprised about the amount of time you have the diarrhea, it is common for all during detox.. When you begin to feel better I would contact the doctor and see what he suggests?? Did he tell you what to do when he took your intestine out?

Well, you hang in there, and remember, we are here for you..

Love, Becky

Don't tell God how BIG your addiction is, tell your addiction, how BIG our GOD is!!
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Red Hot Chili Pepper

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Yeah... nocellphone. I was just trying to drum this up (no pun intended.) Bananas are rather constipating and a good fiber intake will help (believe it or not.)

And you'll probably just have to deal with it for a bit. I always like to try to deal with this things as naturally as possible.

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Hi ParalysisofWill,
Was wondering about you! I posted on your other thread. I know what you mean about the diarrhea!! I have IBS and mild "dumping syndrome." My dad has severe "dumping syndrome" after stomach surgery back in the late 70's when they didn't know what exactly ulcers were. He can't drink anything at all when he eats and he sh*ts all day all the time... sorry to be so graphic, but it is so true. There are two Rx's I take, one is Bentyl and really helps with the IBS and the other is Lomotil, which will stop diarrhea up right away for me... my dad also take Lomotil and you can take it as needed if you start to feel better and the diarrhea becomes less frequent (crossing my fingers). Also, I have been doing Weight Watchers and have noticed such a difference in my bowel movements... there really is a lot to be said about how you eat.
Maybe you can ask your doc about these Rx's. If you go read about Lomotil, don't freak out because it says it's derived from a narcotic. It is not addictive and has a long track record and does not give you any euphoric feeling... I could care less if I had to take it!
Keep us posted
Attitude is Everything! Thank you God for helping me when mine stinks!

I may not have will or power, but I do have God.
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You're never alone!!
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Hey Shelly,

I used to be on Bentyl for IBS, my IBS caused constant constipation, and that was BEFORE I ever started the pain killer addiction..
Just thought I'd pipe in and let you know, lol

Lots of love, Becky

Don't tell God how BIG your addiction is, tell your addiction, how BIG our GOD is!!
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Getting a doctor to check it out would be best.
I also know that when I was detoxing from hydrocodone and percocet, I had really bad stomach problems too. Mine went away on it's own but it took some time.

Hope you are feeling better soon!
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All the advice above; plus eating cheese can help. Good luck!
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