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suboxone and xanax

I have an appt. on wed. to address my dependency on hydrocodone.i take 2 mg of xanax per day.will the doctor refuse to treat with suboxone ?does anyone have any experience with this?
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You're never alone!!
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Hi there, and WELCOME to SR. This is a wonderful site, and I'm certain that you will find much support here. I am on suboxone. I also have been on prescribed xanax while on the suboxone, although I have since been switched to ativan, because it works faster, and I was having some real severe panic attacks that were so bad, I ended up in the ER a few times, and my blood pressure spiked very high.
The doctors do not like to mix benzo's such as xanax or ativan with suboxone, because it can cause respitory failure. But I have not had any problems at 2 milligrams. I have been at 3 mgs of ativan at times, but NOT very often, my normal dose is 2mgs. The only reason I have gone any higher, is in the case of a panic attack, and I would not go above 3mgs.
From what I understand is the doctors try to wean you off the xanax, while on the suboxone. That is what I have seen done. Although due top the problems I have had, they want me to be at 2mgs.
I do know people that they have weaned off xanax while on sub,. You'll probably meet some of them here.
I can tell you that suboxone has been a life saver for me, it has helped me so much. I am learning to live my life, not based around taking those pain killers, and worrying about running out, and doing terrible things to get more. Maybe you know someone who has taken it, but if you follow your doctors orders, it can be a very good experience. I have not tapered off the sub yet, but I know my time is coming. I do know some that have, and even that hasn't been a real bad experience. There have been people here who have actaully tapered and are now drug free!!! That is so cool.
I don't know what your doctor will tell you, and it seems to me that they all do things differently, some make you go to therapy, and/or treatment or NA. All of it is really a good thing to do anyway. Some don't make you do much of anything. My doctor has not made me do anything at all, which I don't think is real good, the stricter the better, so it's easier to get back off the sub. and be drug free. Although my doctor doesn't make me do anything, I still attend a weekly recovery meeting, and I go to a weekly dual diagnosis group, as well as see a therapist, and I finished an intensive outpatient treatment group about a month ago. I have been on the sub since May.
Doctors seem to also have differences in opinion on how long a person should remain on the suboxone. My doc. said I would be on it for 3-6 months. This is like my 3rd month. So I should begin my taper soon. I think.
I know I have given you much more info. then you asked for, but I figured we are always better off well informed.
Oh, by the way, be sure to tell your doctor you are on the xanax, because most do drug tests. Soem do weekly drug tests.
Please stick around and get to know people. like I said, it's a great place.
Please also let us know after your appt. what the doctor said. It's good info. to know what different doctors do, so when new people come here like you, it's easier to give them more info.
Happy to meet you, Love, Becky

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thank you

thank you so much for taking the time to write with all the info and support.i had six years sober,hurt my back,then started abusing my meds.then went to xanax.anyway,you're a nice person to spend the time to write back.I'll post to let you know how it goes .my appt. is on wed.I feel better now.
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holly shiat!...i would never be able to take care of my children on 2 ml of xanax...i dont know anything about suboxone, but if i would e on that much xanax a day......i could not even think write, plus is addictive...xanax works well with to yur doctor i am sure someone here knows more about this than me...
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i am sorry i didnt mean to be such wiener...sometimes i get too carried away...i am not a doctor and i do not know how much it should be prescribed, but i think yu must talk to yur doctor..maybe there is a better way than with benzos...
i sorry...
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Hi there, bwils44! So glad you're here! Wow! Angelgirl gave you a lot of wonderful information. (Good job, Sweetie! ) I thought I'd jump in here, too, and let you know my situation.

I'm also on Suboxone. I'm so grateful to the folks on these message boards who first educated me about the Sub treatment for hydrocodone addiction. It has honestly saved my life, my marriage, my sanity, etc. My addiction doctor is really great. He takes the entire hour during my appointment to go over everything quite thoroughly, and I really appreciate that. He makes sure I regularly attend my NA meetings (although I absolutely LOVE my NA, so there's no need for him to worry) and he's great at counseling me regarding medications, etc. I was taking a regular dosage of approx. 1 mgs. Xanax when I first got on Sub, so he said we wouldn't worry about it at that moment, and he gave me another script for it. He said I'd eventually need to taper, and I thought it would be impossible. But you know, the Suboxone works so well, it's actually been rather simple to taper the Xanax. I used to take nibbles of it throughout the day, then a bigger chunk at night, but my second dose of the day of Sub (around 4:00 or 5:00 pm) usually makes me sleepy, so I'm finding I don't really need the Xanax anymore. My doc then wrote me a script for the .5 mgs. of Xanax, but I continued to take them as if they were the 1 mgs. tablets, kind of tricking my brain into thinking I was taking the same dosage. I have weaned myself to .25 mgs. per day with ease, and my doctor told me I could jump off now if I feel I'm ready. I probably am, but I'm still taking a nibble here and there. I only have a few tablets left and will not ask my doc for any more, so eventually I'll be off them completely. I'm glad. I had worried about that for a while. I think NA meetings have been helpful, too, in giving me the strength to get off them.

Anyway, sorry for the long response. I just wanted to let you know that Xanax is often not advised while on Sub, but quite a few take it. My doctor told me if I didn't have a problem taking the Xanax with my painkillers, then I wouldn't have a problem taking it with the Sub. That made sense. Hopefully you'll find you won't need as much Xanax while on the Sub. It's a Godsend!

Good luck, bwils44! Hope you'll keep us updated on your progress. It's nice to know there's another Sub person to chat with!

Oh yeah, how'd your appointment go yesterday?
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My doc didn't refuse the sub, but made me make a committment to get off the xanax. I have been tapers for the last few months (i've been on 2mg a day for like 15 years)

Last apt he told me I was tapering to slow and cut me off the xanax completely. Obviosly I feel like crap - but at least he didn't cut me off the sub.

So, tell the doc you're willing to taperoff the xanax if you have to (some docs are very adoment about no benzos with sub). You have to disclose the xanax as most docs give UAs and will see it.


A very miserable SS
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it seems like most of you are perscribed xanax previously and then are taking the sub to get off some opiate. im trying to kick and opitate habbit my self and i have some sub for the pain and i wanted to take the xanax to chill out and help me sleep. im a pretty calm person as it is and dont need xanax by any strech of the imagionation. im worried that because im not previously perscribed xanax that when i mix the two it will have a higher chance of adverse effects. has anyone mixed the two that wasnt previously perscribed? i dont plan on taking a lot, xanax knocks me on my ass. 1 mg im out for 8 hours. thats another reason im scared to mix em. if 1 mg effects me that much the combo could turn out bad.
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Now with fewer opiates!
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Sorry friend, you've pulled up a 3.5 year old thread. If you need feedback, start a new thread. BUT, while I'm here:
Originally Posted by metjacobs View Post
im trying to kick and opitate habbit my self and i have some sub for the pain and i wanted to take the xanax to chill out and help me sleep. im a pretty calm person as it is and dont need xanax by any strech of the imagionation.
(bold mine)
Then (as Randy Jackson might say) That's crazy, dogg. I can pretty much guarantee you no support for taking xanax to chill out. Not here. Sorry.
Da "Stagebear"

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