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looking for suboxone prices

Hi -

I've been on chronic pain management under the care of a specialist. I have been on Methadone, 6 to 8 10mg pills a day, and Norco 10/325 or dilaudid 4mg, for over 3 years. I've decided to try and wean off of everything, and see just how much pain I'm in. Maybe it isn't there anymore...which is my wish. I know I have a very tough road ahead of me. My doctor is authorized to presribe the suboxone, and said he will wean me off everything very slowly with the use of suboxone.

My main issue is that I lost my insurance (Cobra plan), and am terrified about the prescription costs I'm about to encounter. I am on a number of medications for bipolar disorder as well, many meds not available as a generic. Does anyone know the cost of suboxone? Any information would be appreciated.

Thanks alot.
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Welcome JenShel.

I dont know the answer to your question and would like to suggest you repost all of this in a new thread. You post may get overlooked here.

Warmest wishes and glad you found us.
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Hi Jen,

Read the other thread here called 'starting suboxone'. This one is before I started, and to be honest, hate to see it up there, first because I sound like a whiney moron (I was dope sick) and second becuase of the 'tiff' I had with another member here. I'd prefer to keep this post buried!

But, short answer to your question: I paid about $270 for my inital visit with the doc. The pills cost me about $6 per pill (8mg), so, figure anywhere from $70-4140 a week, plus I have to check in with my doctor once a week ($70) and pay for my drug tests ($45), I also started bi-weekly therpay at $75 a session.

It turned out to be quite expensive, maybe more than methadone maintenace would have been. The price was one of the main reasons I did not do this sooner, and I still b!tch about it occasionally. I make less than 12K a year, no insurance, etc., so cost is a HUGE issue for me. (hence the preceeding 'tiff' with another member.)
It sucks, but some of us have to think about the cost. But, I have found a few ways to make it work (hell, I always found $$ for dope) and I tell you, it is worth every penny.

Please read the other thread, it will give you a look at the first month on sub - the cost, the side-effects, the overall experience good and bad. I know the experinece differs from person to person, as does the cost from doc to doc, but it will give you a general idea.

Keep posting & let us know what you decide!

Much Love: SS
"Things do not change; we change" (Henry David Thoreau)
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