Text back or no?

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Text back or no?

Last month the last thing I texted my ex after we broke up was that he needed help and if he changes his mind Iím here but not if heís using. He wrote back mean things saying heís not on drugs and that Iím crazy etc etc. After that I did not contact him anymore. 30 days has passed and I got a text from him saying he has the money he owes me and how am I doing. I know heís with someone else. I donít know if I should answer him or not!! I feel like no contact was good but now Iím wondering what he wants. I still love him of course. 😡 Any advice? Thank you!
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If it's a lot of money, tell him to send you a money order. If it isn't, I wouldn't think it would be worth the drama to talk to him. Up to you.
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That's a really tough call. A lot depends on how much you want the money. Personally if I did want it, I would say, let's meet today and I'll pick up my money and when we met that is the first thing I would do - get the money.

After that, the control is in your corner. You can just say thanks for paying me back and leave. I think that is probably your best option. You could hang around and rehash the good times?? I don't know what his motive is, but it surely has nothing to do with your wellbeing and I know, since you have gone no-contact, that you are trying to pull yourself out of this very hurtful situation.

If it's not much money, I wouldn't bother and wouldn't bother replying either.

Let us know how you get on.

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I agree with bimini. If it is a significant amount of money, I'd text back as ask that he send a money order. If the amount isn't significant, then I'd just ignore the text completely. It doesn't really matter what he wants. He is involved with someone else now. There is no reason to meet up with him.
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I'd ask him to mail the money and drop it at that. No "I'm find. How are you." No pleasantries.

It's been 30 days. Let those days keep adding up.
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