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Roxy and Oxy are the exact same. (The Dangerous Myth)

I have had this "polite yet heated conversation several times with me ending up on the end of a friendly b!tich slap.

For those of you that think one is stronger than the other (opiate wise) or harder to get off of than the other. I'm about to clear this up. I've heard "Well, I don't touch roxies, I've only ever taken oxycodone". Roxicodone and Oxicodone are the SAME thing as far as the opiate ingredient, (OXYCODONE IS THE GENERIC NAME) they both do equal amount of damage and neither is stronger than the other if you threw some sumo diapers on them and let them wrestle it out in the ring.

I believe the confusion comes in because medications such as Percocet’s contain and are labeled oxycodone, but THEY ALSO CONTAIN acetaminophen (APAP) which is dangerous in large doses. (A liver killer)THIS IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE, you can look it up on any reputable RX site, or speak to your Pharmacist, just be informed.

This MYTH is dangerous. Especially if you think you can pop a few extra because the bottle says oxycodone, not Roxicodone.

One 30mg Roxicodone in strength is equal to a 30mg oxycodone. (They both contain oxycodone, again, oxy is just the generic name-- Neither at that strength contain APAP). Last I checked, Roxicodone is only prodoced in 15 and 30 mg, but oxycodone with APAP in 5/7.5/10 so my point is BE CAREFUL... Take too much oxy with apap, you'll damage your organs, take too much non APAP oxy thinking it's not nearly as strong as Roxy, you'll overdose!

Please don't fool yourself. A friend of mine took up that argument with me and thought he could take more, that roxy was so much stronger. (He's since passed away).

This was just a post detox insomniatic public service announcement. Sorry for those of you that have heard this a million times, but I keep hearing that argument a million times and again

So alike, but So Different... It's better not to take either if you can avoid it, but if you didn't know before, now you do.
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You are right. Roxy is actually MORE dangerous than OXY by itself, because of the liver damage issue. Last year I tried to help someone who was taking 25 percocets/roxys a day. The acetaminophen part was doing at least as much damage to her as the oxy part. She wouldn't listen. I don't know if she is still doing it or not.
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Percocet is oxycodone with apap(tylenol/acetominophen), oxycontin is extended release oxycodone (crushing or smoking is making it instant release) and roxycodone is a SLANG name for instant releasr oxycodone (10mg, 15mg, 20mg, 30mg etc). No bottle will EVER say "roxycodone", so you're wrong with that. But you are right that the active ingredient is oxycodone in ALL those.
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I think you are getting bits and pieces of information that could be taken as misinformation. In general, oxy- and Roxy-/Roxi- DO refer to the same medication, albeit in different strengths.

It is true that oxycodone is the drug in question, Percocet being the brand name of a common formulation containing that drug combined with APAP (acetaminophen). Roxycodone, however, refers to a generic form of oxycodone (without APAP) marketed by Roxane Labs.

This thread illustrates a good point: why rely on incomplete or misinterpreted info from online sources regarding your health? A quick discussion (either f2f or via telephone) with a pharmacist would be far more reliable!

Tom S.

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Double post.
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A medical professional is indeed the best access point for information.
As we have some confusing and conflicting information here, it's time to close the thread and move on.

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