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Opiate wd/anxiety

Hey everybody I'm new to this forum so sorry if this is a repeat question.

First a little info about myself. I have been taking pain killers for the last year or so started off with vicodin, then percocet (both prescribed for back pain that has since been fixed by surgery) and now i have been taking the 30 mg roxycodone for the last few months, got up to about 2 a day (probably doesnt seem too bad but I know I have a problem) I realized I had a problem when I went 2 days without taking them and couldn't sleep bc of weird muscle spasms and sweating profusely while I got the little bit of sleep I did get and achy bones and joints etc.... I guess general w/d symptoms. So I have been weaning off trying to quit. I realized I take this medication to relax from a hard days work and all the worrys of my life. I have had anxiety and stress for the last 3 years or so (new baby, crappy job that i hate, wife problems, money issues[made worse by my addiction ], and when my back was bothering me - constant pain). Now I recently discovered drugs like valium and xanax that might help. I have never taken these drugs, but from what i've read and heard they might help with the stress and anxiety i have and help the withdrawal symptoms.

So to the question (sorry for the life story).

Do you think if I told my doctor I wanted something to help with opiate withdrawal and general stress/anxiety they would prescribe me a benzo? Or would they say no because I have a history of addiction?

Any info is appreciated and again sorry if this is a repeat question I haven't had a chance to browse the threads.
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Hi Cygnus

Welcome to SR.
It's hard to know what your Dr would say without asking him/her.

Looking around at the benzo threads here I would hope my doctor wouldn't prescribe me a benzo, if it were me.

Go see your Doctor - be totally honest about your addictive history, and see what they think.

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Now with fewer opiates!
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It's impossible to predict what a doctor will or won't do in these circumstances. Dee is correct, benzos may not be a train you want to get on right now.
There are other medications with less chance of negative consequences, that can help you through this. Let the doctor do the prescribing.
If the doctor is not familiar with opiate addiction and withdrawal, ask him/her to refer you to someone who is familiar.
Da "Stagebear"

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Withdrawing from opiates you'll feel like your going to die .............. Withdrawing from benzo's you very well may die do your research.Your life could depend on it
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doctor/prescription , opaite wd , stress , valium , xanax

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