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taking too much suboxone

I've been taking more suboxone than I am supposed to! I have no idea why. I guess it's the behavior I am used to??? For 18 months, I've always taken more meds than prescribed....what made me think I would change in a day?

My doctor wants me to take 12 mg of Suboxone..which I did in the beginning, and for some reason...on week#2, I started taking 2 a day. There was a couple of days that I even had 20 mg! What the hell am I thinking??? I have a headache right now from taking too much!! How long does that last?? One more fact, although this may be TMI for some readers...but this is my first period without pain meds in 18 months!! I am used to taking lots of pills and I guess I figure I need extra Suboxone just like I needed extra oxycodone or Norco or Vicodin! (it's sick!)

I told the doctor when I saw him last week that I was taking 2 a day, and he said that was too much, just take 1.5...but every day for this past week, I've found myself taking more! I just counted them out, and I still have enough to get by until my next appointment. (he gave me 45 to last 30 days). I am just going to have my husband hold them, and only give me one each day...no more! (there will be extra if I need the half pill, but I am going to try to get by on just one!)

I go back to see him the 1st week of Feb. I am thinking about asking him for the 2mg pills and take them 4 times a day. For some reason I feel the need to take medication a few times a day...old habits die hard!! ;(
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1) you ain't the first, and you won't be the last to do this ... i ran out early a number of times myself, truth told ... really, though ... does it really do anything positive for you? i didn't think so
2) giving them to hubby for divvying is a great idea
3) i'd stick with breaking up the 8mg's if it were me ... it's WAY cheaper that way, the 2mg tabs IIRC are a bit more than half the price of the 8's. Even if you're insured, i'd still stick with the 8's, cause slamming the ins co with big bills is a good way to get some 'manager' to 'reexamine your situation', and we all know what dicks run these companies, so ...
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Ahhh, good point! I do have insurance...and had to get a prior auth for the meds..which are still $50 co-pay. They authorized them for 3 months, then we'll re-submit if I'm still on them...which I'm sure I will be! I will leave well enough alone and break up the 8's!!

Thanks for making me feel better. I guess I should have known I wasn't the first to do this! lol! You are right...it's not adding anything to my life...just a headache right now!! Thanks for the info! Have a good night! xoxo
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