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Does Immodium really help as an opiate blocker ?

and how many can you take safely ? i do not wanna be more sick.
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No, dude, don't do it. That is not a safe thing at all. Immodium is a really strong constipator.
Primarily used to slow intestinal motility , the drug is technically an opioid , but its molecule is too large to pass through the blood brain barrier so it wont get you high.
It only eases withdrawal at all in really high doses , such as 8-12 mgs per 100mgs hydro/oxycodone or equivalent.
The danger here is an intestinal blockage--a very serious possibility when taking extremely high doses of any opiate , let alone one specifically intended as an anti diarrheal.
That being said you may need a normal dose of immodium or some other anti-diarrheal if you get the runs (perfectly normal during opiate detox) during your w/d so you don't get dehydrated.
Quote from the Opiate Detox Recovery Site: "Immodium (loperamide) does bind to receptors everywhere BUT the brain. I believe this also impedes recovery. I have tried this too many times to count , and as much as I would like to believe that the body will selectively heal receptors in one area of the body while others remain sated , for me at least it just doesnt work that way."
Please see a doctor, maybe an addictionologist for medical help with your detox if you are wanting to take medications to help, he/she will prescribe more appropriate ones than loperamide (immodium). Let us know how you get on. Good luck from,
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This is NOT MEDICAL ADVICE, but it is my understanding based on what I've read on the internet, and personal experience.

As far as being constipating goes, immodium works the same as any other mild opiate. If you are an opiate addict, getting off of dope cold turkey, you'll need MANY MANY immodium to stop the runs. It only makes sense ... you HAVE the runs from a massive lack of opiates. You are not in the position of a 'normal person', who has the runs but never TAKES opiates ... for THEM, a couple of immodium stops them up pretty good. For an addict in W/D's ... it takes a quite a bit more opiates to stop the runs.

I'm not suggesting this course of action by any stretch, but I've read of serious opiate addicts in withdrawals taking ten, twenty, even fifty immodium at once trying to stave off withdrawals, *SOME* have reported that it *helped a bit* with their w/d's, and none of them reported intestinal blockage ... most of us junkies are used to crapping once a week anyways, and did we die from intestinal blockage? No. Plus, the half-life of loperamide is not significantly longer than vicodin, etc, so once it clears out, you're gonna be right on the pot again, like you'd never taken 'em.

This all being said ... you should not take OTC drugs in a way other than what the label says, otherwise, YOU MIGHT DIE.
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Ive used loperamide with pretty good success and like BV says its a mild opiate that wont get you high but will help with WD's a bit in high doses. It's constipation effects are identical to hydro.
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thank to you guys. i have only taken the recommended dose, but thx for the info.

as far as a meeting, 6:15 t-nite. nervous as ****, but what's the worst thing that could happen ?
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Great choices, man!

Don't be nervous, there's really no reason, you're gonna love it at the meeting! It'll be like coming home. Everyone there will be totally cool, we love newcomers.

And if for some reason you DON'T like that particular meeting, find another.

I recommend going to SPEAKER or NEWCOMER meetings for a while at first. Don't go to a Big Book or Step Study or that kinda thing. Those will be really boring to someone new.

All you gotta do is sit down, introduce yourself when they ask for newcomers to do so, and the rest of the time, just LISTEN. Don't think too much, just listen. That's all you gotta do. The rest will come to you if you just do those things, and keep coming back.
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so, i hit that meeting. not didn't kill me. but i was still at the point in wd that i would have gone back 'out there' had i not taken more serious measures. the worst of the WD was through but the anxiety and panic was killing me.

so...i went to my local ER in the middle of night and they were great. gave me a two day supply of klonopin (I didn't ask for it) and set me up w/ a Dr./psych today to get down to business

i'm so happy to see a real Dr. about this. I am hoping for some outpatient treatment right now...i think that would help. but what the **** do i know

(disclaimer): i know people say to be careful replacing the oxy habit w/ a benzo...and i agree, but my nerves calmed dramatically and i ACTUALLY slept a bit last night. felt great. either way, i am telling the dr. that one of my goals is not long term benzo/clon use

another thing...yest i had no terrible urges to use...yay
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loperamide successful

After 18 years on and off h, I've tried em all to get thru withdrawals painless, last success was using GHB, STREET name liquid ecstasy, it did work well with no pain but its still a drug which not everyone can get ahold of, and now that im living where cannot get GHB I've tried this immodiam loperamide method and day 2 now no h and its working 90-100% no pain or withdrawals!

I just wanted to post this as my personal proof of loperamide success!

Please dont be afraid to stop using opiates as there is hope after all!
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