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Perc withdrawl - How long?

Without long does the hell last. I ran out 2 months ago and had to go Fri, Sat, Sun, and most of Monday morning before picking up my script. The sevarity of withdrawls hadn't lessened on bit.

I take 12-16 10/325's a day. What's your guess as to when the pain I feel will be ONLY my back pain, with nothing extra added to it.
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Are you wanting to get sober? Or waiting to get your next fix?
Withdrawl can last maybe 7 days feeling really crappy..then it is a SLOW day by day improvement. That back pain is a killer I know! You didn't get to this state in one day so it takes a little bit to get out of the pitt.
I have done "several" opiate cold turkey withdrawals. But eventually you can eat and sleep as well as other bodily functions that return to normal. After my last methadone kick it took two months for my stomach to return to normal. Your stomach gets used to being bathed in opiates and it has a rough time coming around. My doctor once referred to it as a "stomach habit"..
Post back and let us know how it is going. I hope you want to get off really is a awful game to have to keep up with..I feel for you .
I do know that being clean is worth it!!
love north
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One of the issues with me was that being on opiates so long totally destroyed my pain tolerance. I have mulitiple chronic pain issues, so not only was I feeling the pain of withdrawal, I was feeling more severe pain from my conditions than I would have if I had just toughed it out. And toughing it out is not easy -- can be downright cruel -- but for an addict, it's a choice between finding another way to deal with it or face the chronic and progressive nature of addiction. There's the fatal element of addiction, too, even though it might not seem as pressing when you're in pain.

The best suggestion I'd have for you would be to seek out a pain mgmt specialist who teaches meditation. Folks probably get sick of me talking about meditation for pain mgmt, but I'm telling you, it works. Last Thursday evening, I sat through the latter half of a track meet in the rain, then 50 minutes of speakers at a town hall meeting, then I spoke for ten-12 minutes (I was on the panel) -- all w/a migraine headache!! If I wasn't pretty damned good at meditation, I would have been puking in my fellow panelists' laps and curling up in the corner in pain. I didn't take so much as a tylenol for it, and about an hour after I got home, the pain started to ease.

I know I didn't answer your question, but it's so subjective when addiction isn't the only issue that it's hard to say.

Peace & Love,
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Like northbelle, I'm unsure of what exactly you're asking. If you're actively using, then I don't see w/d being a problem until you run out again.
For me, I used clonidine for a few days, and was back to work in less than a week. However, sleep remained a problem for a couple more weeks.
Today, I sleep w/o any medication. I'm still carb craving and have added unwanted weight, but that can come off too.
Let us know what we can do to help you if you are, indeed, trying to kick.
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I'm with Stagebear. I don't understand if you're still using, but if you're not 2 months of severe withdrawals seems like a long time. Can you please clarify?

P.S. Stagebear, even though I loved your bear avatar, I smiled when I saw the shirts, lol
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I had a strange experience myself.... I went 3-4 days without any oxycodone meds. Dr was out actually and noone covers for him so I had to tough it out a few days..... to be honest I was surprised because at 12am Sat night it was 24hrs without anything...felt crappy but not unbearable....12am Sunday night was 48hrs without anything...felt crappy still and felt kinds bummed out or depressed....had a few cases of the runs that night. 12am Monday was 60hrs without anything.... had the runs more often but was not achy or sore as I thought I would be still depressed though. Got refills on Tuesday and all was right with the world again (joking).......
anyways not sure why but I thought I'd be really really really sick after a few days without anything cuz I do take 120-150mgs a day for pain control. The only thing I can think of is that.....
I was totally out of meds for that SAT/SUN and MON but before that I took about 60-80 mgs on Mon,Wed & Fri so maybe that helped I am not sure.
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