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Mixing Alcohol with Methadone.

My stepdaughter OD'd on heroin a year ago with her boyfriend and survived via narcan. Her BF didn't survive the last one two weeks ago. I visited my SD and when she found out she didn't have to do her drop she bought some whiskey drank away. Her speech got very rapid and she couldn't sit still. I know she has been taking Methadone and I've read this is a dangerous combination. She complained of a brain freeze up at work where she couldn't function for awhile as was accused of drinking on the job. She said she hadn't been. Does anybody have experience or knowledge in the mixing of these two powerful drugs?
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I have a lot of experience with alcohol but none with methadone. Just wanted you to know someone was readying the thread, sissyfuss.

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Hi SissyFuss

Unfortunately I have a lot of experience with mixing methadone & alchohol.

My addict was a long term IV heroine user. About 6 or 7 years ago she stopped using heroine (from what she told me- I dont really know for sure) and started going to a methadone maintenance clinic. She is on a high daily dose.

She didnt disclose to me about the methadone clinic until about 6 months into our relationship. After she told me, I started reading a lot about methadone & methadone clinics.

Methadone is a nervous system depressent. Alcholhol is also a depressent. Its published all over the internet concerning the dangers of mixing the two drugs. The alchohol can also speed up the metabolism which causes methadone to be proceesed through the sysytem faster. Due to both being depressants the heart & breathing can be slowed to dangerous & possibly deadly levels. Reaction times are slowed. Driving can be very dangerous.

My addict drank morning noon & night. Initially, I knew about the drinking & didnt know about the methadone. After I read online & learned about methadone I was extremely concerned for her safety. I tried on many occasions to talk to her about it but that went no where. Her response was always "she liked the buzz from the alchohol".

My addicts requirement to be on a high daily dose of methadone has to be in part due to the methadone & alchohol mixture causing the methadone to leve the body faster than just taking methadone alone.

Methadone is an extremely powerful drug. In my addicts case she is not in recovery. Its just a continuance of her addiction. She suffers from numerous bad side effects. I was not able to understand any of it until she told me about the MMT & I began reading online. From that reading I came to understand her in ways she could have never explained to me.

There is tons of quality information published online concerning methadone. A lot of very sound scientific medical studies. Methadone related deaths across the country are on the rise. Methadone when abused is very dangerous.

When used the right way in a legit clinical program which contains close monitoring, regular drug testing, a recovery plan, medical supervision, counseling, group meetings can be very beneficial.

I hope my info above helps in some way. I am sorry for your situation with your step daughter.
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Thanks for the feedback, Hardlessons. Been researching a bit. Some say that you can high on methadone even though it's purpose is control the cravings for opioids without the buzz. Her program is bare bones. No meetings, no one on one counseling, just drug tests. She has failed to show for half of them and tested positive for cocaine on two of them. She lost her kids and her BF od'd and died and she still careens on towards self destruction. I have tried to put her in a comprehensive 90 day program but she refuses. Couldn't party or get high. Just keep waiting for a miracle.
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Okay , the latest info on my stepdaughter is she's on Suboxone and not Methadone and she's still drinking. Is this a worse mix or does it not really matter? She's been Facebooking some strange thoughts lately which could mean anything but those of us that love her are hoping she's getting ready to change.
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Methadone and alcohol are a deadly mix.

I am successfully 3 years clean and on methadone.

Yes, if your dose is too high you will get high off your medication. At the clinic they do a peak dose where they find the dose you are stable on. Meaning that you are not high and are not in withdrawal. They are also suppose to do regular dose evaluations. Where they have you dose then have an appointment with your doctor (at clinic). She will check pulse and check for withdrawal symptoms or symptoms your dose is too high.

Suboxone is usually done at methadone clinic as well and also is a deadly mix with alcohol. I would attempt to get her to tell you her counselors name (in normal conversations) so you can leave a message with her counselor stating her full name and that she is regularly drinking. Or call the clinic and ask to speak to the head counselor. Inform them you don't want any info you are calling to inform of a dangerous drug interaction. They wont give you any info about her per HIPPA law. State her full name and whatever she is taking with the methadone. She should be seeing a counselor it is a federal requirement. If they are not doing this report the clinic. Honestly, counseling is needed so if they aren't doing this they need to be shut down.

Methadone if taken correctly can be a way to recovery. It has completely brought my life back. Hope the best for both of you.
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