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am i clean ?

picked up white chip aug19,2012. on suboxon same time. am i clean or not
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Yes you are! Congrats on the chip

when i got sober i went to a rehab and they perscribed me suboxone. Im ten months sober and i take 4mg a day. I am clean im my eyes and many i talk to because i am not abusing it and it was perscribed to me. Suboxone saved me when i was lost and I am sober now because of it. I am also slowly tapering off of it and i use it in conjunction with anti depressant meds. Now this is all in my eyes so what you should do is ask yourself...
- Am I abusing it? (main question I feel)
- did I have it perscribed?
- is it helping me?

also talk to your sponser and others in a meeting. When it comes down to it, its mainly how you feel in your heart. If you used it with conjuntion of a doc approval I dont think you have anything to worry about. Plus if it really bothers you get off of it. But taper and dont cold turkey. trust me not a good idea. Hope this helps!
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Lyoness (04-12-2013)
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Hurrah for both of you! Yes you are "clean". This is my pet annoyance with subs and recovery, these terms dirty and clean. They project a false mental image of ourselves.

The standard view - if you use anything, you are dirty; filthy, evil, vile, low. If you need nothing, you are clean; white, angelic, fresh, perfection.

Is the diabetic "dirty" because he injects insulin? Is your neighbor dirty because without his pills he'd drop dead of a heart arrythmia? Of course not. Suboxone is a medicine we need to function, just like the diabetic needs insulin to function.

And I am convinced that opioid addiction isn't something we elect to do so much as we discover it corrects something missing in our brains - a lack of natural "feel good" neurochemicals like dopamine nd endorphins. Some of us lack these, and the first vicoden we take, we discover what other people feel like every day. We feel good; normal. And the desire to recapture that feeling is immensely powerful.

This is why "normal" people can run through 60 vics for an auto accident and not think twice about stopping, while another will be addicted in 2 weeks.

^^ All this is opinion, of course. I never abused any drug until I was nearly 40 years old, and then I discovered (and self-medicated) opioids because they removed me from a depressive hell that I had been in my whole life.
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Lyoness (04-12-2013)
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You are clean if you are maintaining the quality of life you want to live and you enjoy your life.

I personally even taken as prescribed did not feel good. I have that dark cloud and depression. No passion. Today I am off. Not too bad yet but I'm sure it's coming.

Congrats on getting things the way u want them!
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mialicious (04-09-2013)
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Of course, the answer to your question is always up to you; there's a bulletin put out by NA that addresses this very subject..............:

Bulletin #29

Check it out if you're intereted.

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Marcus (04-06-2013)

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